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A Cold War in the Middle East

As the tension between Israel and Iran intensifies, and while Iran has just unveiled its first hypersonic missile, rumors about advancement in the Iranian nuclear program are growing even more distressing. While Israel threatens Iran not to try to attack

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US Lawmakers Highlight Discord between America and Israel

Several events that have taken place over the past week highlight where the United States and Israel do not see eye to eye. One such event is the White House’s first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism. To Israel’s surprise, the

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Israel as Two States Won’t Bring Peace

A new survey published in Israel reveals that about half of the Jewish public in Israel believes that splitting Israeli society into two autonomous states is possible. Ten percent of the respondents in the survey believe that such a division

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Seventy-Five Years after the Declaration of Independence – Israel Rethinks Its Identity

This week, seventy-five years ago, in the midst of a war for its survival, David Ben-Gurion solemnly declared the establishment of the Jewish state: the State of Israel. But since that fateful day of May 14, 1948, Israeli society has

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The Rabbis’ Letter against the New Government Is a Big Deal over Nothing

As the new Israeli government was taking shape, an open letter titled A Call to Action began to circulate among American Jewish communities. The signatories, some of whom are prominent figures in American Jewry, pledged “to not invite any members

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An Eerie Union between White Supremacists and Blacks around Hatred for Jews

Kanye West’s recent interview with Alex Jones has fanned the flames around West’s recent antisemitic tirades. In the interview, he stated, “The Holocaust is not what happened,” denied that six million Jews were murdered there, said that Hitler has many

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9/11 – a Wasted Opportunity for Unity

On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, America suffered the worst blow to its pride since Pearl Harbor. On that fateful day, 21 years ago, 19 terrorists hijacked four passenger airliners. They crashed two of them into the Twin Towers in

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How Israel Should Respond to Iran’s Nuclear Politics

If there is one consensus among all the political parties in Israel, it is that a new nuclear deal between the US and its partners and Iran is bad for Israel. I do not dispute this view, but I think

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Germany Has Changed, Antisemitism Hasn’t

A recent survey of Germans and Muslims living in Germany conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) found that 60% of both populations consider antisemitism to be a widespread phenomenon in Germany that has increased over the past 10 years.

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Are Jews to Blame for the War in Ukraine?

As with any conflict, especially a major one, it is only a matter of time before a blaming finger is turned toward the Jews. The war in Ukraine is no exception. As the war continues, more and more posts and

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The Freedom Convoy Is a Power Struggle

The Freedom Convoy was originally created to protest vaccine mandates for crossing the United States border, but later turned into a protest about Covid-19 restrictions in general. While many of the drivers and activists partaking in the convoy do it

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Spyware Will Not Hurt Us, Spying Will

Pegasus, the spyware developed by cyberarms firm NSO Group, can be covertly installed on mobile phones and other devices running most versions of iOS and Android. It can read text messages, track calls, collect passwords, track the target device’s location,

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