Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

New Life – Program 47 – The Global Connection

Relationships symbolize our social relations. Correcting the ego will bring correction in all areas of our lives, as well as relationships.

New Life – Program 48 – Complimentary System of Services

The gloomy economic and security outlook are obligating us to prepare for a challenging period. A complementary system of services beyond public services can improve the situation.

New Life – Program 49 – Renewal in the Mutual Connection

In the transition to the new phase, how will society succeed in supplying a person with a sense of security that he will lack for nothing, while maintaining their honor and pride?

New Life – Program 50 – Taking Preemptive Steps

Unity of the Nation of Israel is the solution of the hour, and what is the essential difference between mutual help that stems from unity and the charitable organizations that exist today?

New Life – Program 51 – Time To Take Stock

How that same ego that brought us to a thriving society is now working against us, and why it is important for the benefit of the individual and society to be tied together.

New Life – Program 52 – Social Balance

How can the people of Israel work together to achieve social balance? Explanation about how Israel can advance to a better lifestyle.

New Life – Program 53 – The Power of the People

What are the benefits of connecting for finding a solution to the global crisis and what is the power of the masses in bringing about change?

New Life – Program 54 – Change of Values

How can we feel we are thriving rather than in crisis? How can mutual responsibility help us transition to a value system of love, mutual help and dependence?

From Generation Screen to Generation Connection

A lot of criticism has been raised about the younger generation trapped in virtual space day and night behind computer screens and mobile devices. Various detractors say that this is a lifeless generation lacking proper brain development, communication skills, imagination,

We Will All Become Givers

There are two levels of looking at reality: through my own eyes or through the eyes of the general public. When I look at the world through my own eyes, all I see is my own needs, and this is

Shelter in Place from Whom or from What?

While we are debating to what extent, if at all, we should ease the shelter-in-place policy, we should really be thinking from what or from whom we are taking shelter. Scientists have already been determined that the coronavirus pandemic erupted

What Are Some Ugly Truths of Life?

While we innately feel that we want to change the world and change other people in order to improve the world, the ugly truth is that the only one who needs to change is myself. Our desire to change the