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The War – the Spiritual War

To the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, wars “are the necessary grounds of all coming to be,” writes Abraham Schoener of the University of Toronto. “War is not only a principle in the world of mortal affairs; it governs all things, both

Regrettably, Mediation Will Not Win Us the World’s Heart

Over the past several days, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has been flying from capital to capital in an attempt to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. He has been making long phone calls with leaders from around the world, and

Tomorrow’s Leaders

With so many crises to address, it seems like the thing we need the most today is competent leadership. The incumbent heads of state seem to be preoccupied primarily with their own legacy or their own survival rather than the

Why We Cannot Stop Fighting

When you reflect on the history of humanity, you see that people have always been fighting one another. It seems like there is never really peace, but only a pause between battles. Man’s disposition for constant fighting seems even more

Europe’s “Strategic Compass”

Some three weeks ago, Europe announced the launch of the Strategic Compass initiative, “an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the EU’s security and defence [sic] policy.” The initiative does not intend to be a part of NATO, but to

If We Want, We Will Have Independence

In the short time between 1948 and today, we have built the State of Israel as a strong and prosperous country under immense pressure and constant bombardment. However, we have not achieved a state where we feel stable or safe

Victory Day – a Sad Reminder

This past Saturday, May 7, was the day when Nazi Germany signed its official surrender to the Allies. The following day, May 8, was declared as Victory Day in Europe. The Soviet Union declared the following day, May 9, as

How well is Israel fighting against terrorism?

After a terrorist attack during Israel’s Independence Day this year, where people were axed down and murdered by two terrorists, there was a general sense of fear throughout the country, and it prompted one of my students to ask me

Of Pope Francis, and of World War III

Last week, a conversation with Pope Francis was published, in which he related to the Russia-Ukraine war as the start of World War III. In a conversation with the editors of European Jesuit publications, and which was first published by

Biden Will Not Bring the Messiah, Do Not Build on Him

The Israeli public prepares for travel disruptions in getting to work or reaching family summer vacation destinations as the July 13th three-day visit of U.S. President Joe Biden nears. Major arteries will be closed to public traffic as a convoy

Neither Biden nor Obama or Any Other Leader – There Is Only One Superpower

Contrary to the hype surrounding the landing of Air Force One with President Joe Biden on board, I am not excited about his arrival in Israel. I never had any faith in him, much less in Obama, and the same

Normalization Is Politics, Not Peace

After opening the sky for Israeli airlines to fly over Saudi Arabia, some people are talking about normalization. Yet, Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, who is leading his country’s reforms and modernization, stressed that normalization with Israel will