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The Coronavirus Is a Wake-Up Call for China to Upgrade Its Attitude to the World

In addition to the illness, death and fear that the coronavirus has effectuated, the global economy has suffered a major $160 billion blow. In China, Apple, McDonald’s, Starbucks and dozens of other chains have closed their stores. Entire cities have been shut

Tik Tok Tripping Jump Challenge: A Wake-Up Call to the Need for Internet Regulation

If we used to caution our kids about talking to strangers and walking in side alleys, today they sit at home with their mobile devices and all the dangers are at their fingertips. The latest dangerous viral trend, the Tripping

How to Respond to Questions about Death in the Coronavirus Era

As the Coronavirus continues its world tour, and panic penetrates populations of people, some are facing the ultimate question about death. How should we respond to death? What is death? What happens after we die? The nature surrounding us is

Benefits of the Coronavirus

What kinds of benefits could a virus that has killed people and that has offset the world into panic possibly have? The coronavirus is helping us come to terms with our smallness and weakness as human beings in the face

When Purim Meets International Women’s Day

The events described in the Purim story hint at humanity’s spiritual corrections. Translating these corrections from the poetic and colorful language of legend to the language of qualitative inner change lets us see how they describe connection among people, and

Coronavirus: A Lesson in Mutual Responsibility

Who would have thought that a virus, and not a particularly deadly one, would press the world’s kill switch? Who would believe in the beginning of this year that a measly flu-like germ with the name of a beer brand

Coronavirus and the Value of Life

2019 was a record year for Dengue Fever in Latin America. Some 3 million people were infected, and 1,500 of them died. Each year, the disease is claiming more and more lives but hardly anyone outside Latin America knows about it. Why?

Corona — A Virus that Is Also a Vaccine

“As nature is interconnected, so we can become, if we set our minds and hearts on it. In that sense, the coronavirus is an unprecedented opportunity for growth.” We’re still not getting what’s coming. COVID-19, or Coronavirus Disease, is messing

Coronavirus and the New Humanity

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) caught us off guard. Initially, the majority of the world didn’t really care because it was in China, and the West sees China mainly as a big factory. Next, we thought it was little

Coronavirus — a Blessing in Disguise?

Life will return to normalcy after Coronavirus, but normalcy will not be what we know today. After the withdrawal symptoms from consumerism abuse subside, people will wake up to a new reality. The longer it takes for humanity to overcome

Coronavirus: A Lesson in Humility

This is not the first time humanity faces a frightening pandemic, but COVID-19 or coronavirus is undoubtedly one of a kind. No other health crisis in the past washed over the entire world like a tsunami leaving basically no corner

The Coronavirus Era — Time to Calm Down and Rethink Our Lives

Before the coronavirus became a worldwide phenomenon, we were in a very dangerous global state. I had felt alarm bells going off as global tension and anxiety were reaching an all-time high. Whether it was fiercely growing world debt, tense