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China and the Impact of Cross-Border Capitalism

All over the world, China is buying, building, and operating strategic assets. In Israel, for example, it now owns Tnuva, the largest and most powerful producer and marketer of dairy products. China is also building two new harbors, and is

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Two Nations in One Country – Virtually Impossible

It is very painful to see what is happening in Lebanon these days: different religions, and effectively different nations claiming sovereignty over the same small piece of land, and hating one another to death. Lebanon is proof that two nations

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Extremist Islam, a Petrified Europe, and the Fate of the Jews

On Friday, Sir David Amess, a long-serving British lawmaker from the Conservative Party and the Honorary Secretary of the Conservative Friends of Israel since 1998, was stabbed to death while meeting with constituents in a church building in his home

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Equality, Equity, and Identity Politics

Identity politics is everywhere in both the US and Israel. Identity politics values people according to their ethnic or religious groups. Worse yet, a person who sympathizes with identity politics dedicates all of one’s attention to righting the wrongs purportedly

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Cyberattacks Require a New Code

Over the past week, Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, Israel, has suffered a cyberattack. The attackers demanded ransom, but the hospital management refused to cave in and switched to manual mode where possible or to alternative systems. All over

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Social Frustration in Israel

Over the past several years, we have been exposed to an accelerating avalanche of corruption that is baffling and disturbing. This is especially true now, that corruption is exposed in institutions tasked with preventing the very crime they are committing:

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The Balance a Year After the Abraham Accords

A bilateral agreement between countries is always better than no agreement. A year since the signing of the US-brokered Abraham Accords for peace and normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states, the question is how have they truly transformed

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The Forecast for the Young – Severe Weather and Anxiety

An extensive study among young people ages 16-25 has revealed that they are anxious about the future, and with good reason. The research, whose authors claim to be “the largest and most international survey of climate anxiety in young people

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The Day Israel Disappears

On the day Palestine is liberated and Israel is destroyed, Jews and IDF soldiers will be executed, peace activists will be able to safely leave, and the technological experts and brilliant minds will be forced to stay here for some

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The Just Protest of the Medical Residents Will Not Heal Healthcare

The struggle of medical interns and resident physicians to shorten their absurdly long shifts has been going on for more than a decade. While no person is expected to maintain clarity for more than eight hours on the job, residents

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The Enigmatic Impact of the Jews on Nations

Last month, some 300 courageous Iraqi leaders, both Shiite and Sunni, called on the government to join the Abraham Accords, normalize ties with Israel, and repeal the law prohibiting civilian ties between Iraqis and Israelis. I am all for peace

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Germany-Israel Relations after Merkel

After her 16-year term as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel’s farewell visit to Israel on Sunday could mark a change in the friendly relationship between the two countries. Whether that change will be positive or negative depends solely on the

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