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A Two-Pronged Solution to Campus Antisemitism

Academia has become a bastion of antisemitism across the globe, and both the UK and the US are not exceptions. The most recent case of inflammatory statements against Jews and Israel emerged from David Miller, a professor of political sociology

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The Benefit in the ICC’s “Unbiased” Investigation against Israel

Fatou Bensouda, the prosecutor in the investigation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) into possible “war crimes” against Israel, promised that the investigation “will be conducted independently, impartially and objectively, without fear or favor.” Right. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Entanglement Will Save Us or Destroy Us, but It’s Here to Stay

  I think it’s fair to say that countries no longer dream of self-sufficiency. The idea that one country, however vast and however developed, can provide for all its needs by itself is not only unrealistic, but also very dangerous

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How We Can Stop Substance Abuse

Nearly fifty years ago, on June 18, 1971, then president Richard Nixon declared that drug abuse was “public enemy number one.” But half a century later, we can declare that the war on drugs is a lost cause. Drugs are

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The Purim Holiday: The Emergence of a Renewed World

Every new state is born only under the condition that the former state completely exhausts itself. The holiday of Purim symbolizes the turning point the world is immersed in now as a result of the pandemic. Thus, this year’s celebration

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The Way the Pandemic Has Strengthened Religious Beliefs

When one cannot come to terms with a somber reality, looking towards heaven is an instinctive reaction. In the US, half a million lives have been lost in the COVID-19 pandemic in a year since the outbreak of the virus.

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Is Nature Sentient?

People who believe in God the way religions relate to Him attribute to Him feelings and thoughts, and communicate with Him the way we communicate with any powerful individual who determines our fate: We aim to please Him, and in

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Have We Seen the Last of Covid?

The State of Israel is quickly approaching the fifty-percent mark of population that has received the second shot of the Covid vaccine. The country is reopening schools, gyms, movie theaters, malls, and hotels. Have we seen the last of Covid?

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Shaming Offenders Achieves the Opposite Result

Recently, there has been an initiative to show the names and faces of murderers and sex offenders on billboards in Israel in order to shame them. Raising awareness to crime is great, but giving notoriety to criminals will achieve the

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The Healing Force in Physicians Hands

When I see the tremendous pressure that medical teams are under in the COVID-19 fight, I am filled with great sympathy. I know the world of physicians closely. My parents were doctors, and I too started my studies in medicine

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French Jews Defending Their Loyalty to France

In recent months, there have been voices of French Jews in France and in Israel urging the Jews in France to immigrate to Israel. Their reasons vary, from France’s Covid-19 crisis through the declining economic situation and the dim predictions

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On the Verge of Despair

Little by little, the realization sinks in: Nothing seems to make things better: not the new year, not the new administration, and not the vaccines. Living on the fast-track simply isn’t working anymore. It hasn’t been working for the past

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