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American Jews and the Israeli Dream – How Anti-Semitism Will Accelerate a Jewish American Exodus (1/16/2020)
Why a Holocaust Might Happen Again (1/9/2020)
A Trendy Anti-Semitic Fad (9/6/2019)

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How to Stop Global Warming All At Once (8/7/2019)


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Questions to ponder in the coronavirus era (3/30/2020)
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Rekindling Black-Jewish Relations in America Through Jewish Unity (1/13/2020)
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What are the positive impacts of the COVID-19 crisis?How will society change post-coronavirus crisis? (3/31/2020)
What are the benefits of the Coronavirus on a global scale? (3/29/2020)
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I am terminally ill and afraid of death. How do I accept death? (12/22/2019)
How should you define hell and heaven? (12/22/2019)
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Why is consumerism a bad thing? (12/4/2019)
Why don’t Israelis living in Israel feel antisemitism? (12/2/2019)
What’s wrong with the media? (11/26/2019)
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Why should we respect elders? (10/27/2019)
How does one become wholly Jewish? (10/24/2019)
Why does it seem like everyone in the world is protesting right now? Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, and many others are all in the news for serious, widespread, and often violent protests. Why now? (10/23/2019)
What is the best schach? (10/16/2019)
Do you follow the Feast of Tabernacles? (10/16/2019)
What would it take for Israel to get involved in Syria? (10/15/2019)
Why should we not use plastic? (10/14/2019)

The Times of Israel

The Passover Seder in the Coronavirus Era: A Means for Spiritual Connection (3/29/2020)
Not Only the Deal of the Century, Here’s the Peace Deal of All Time (1/31/2020)
The Cause and Solution to Israel’s Increasing Exemptions from Military Service (1/21/2020)
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How to Reconstruct a World in Pieces and Attain Peace (12/23/2019)
The Light of Hanukkah to Heal a World of Divisiveness (12/17/2019)
How to Eliminate Anti-Semitism in the United States (12/16/2019)
Israel’s 3rd Elections: Fateful Wake-Up Call for the People of Israel (12/13/2019)
How Germany Can Help Prevent Another Holocaust (12/10/2019)
With or Without Corbyn, the True Solution to UK’s Anti-Semitism (11/30/2019)
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What the World Has Learned from the Fall of the Berlin Wall (11/20/2019)
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The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Germany and the World, and Its Solution (11/10/2019)
Beyond Statistics: A Way Out of the Wave of Violence Against Women in Israel (11/6/2019)
How to Maximize the Potential of the Elderly in Society (10/31/2019)
Sukkot 2019: How to Reconstruct Our Jewish Home (10/13/2019)
What We Can Learn from the Deadly Attack Outside the Halle Synagogue (10/10/2019)
Jewish Post-Trauma: The Cause, Diagnosis and Cure (10/9/2019)
Anti-Semitism in Australia: The Deeper Cause and Solution (10/6/2019)
What Forgiveness Should We Ask for on Yom Kippur? (10/4/2019)
The Fast of Gedaliah and How It Resonates In Contemporary Jewish Life (10/3/2019)

Thrive Global

How to Rise Above Time, Space and Motion and Communicate With the Dead (9/27/2019)
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