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A Trendy Anti-Semitic Fad (9/6/2019) 
If You Were Donating to Combat Anti-Semitism, Where Would You Donate? (7/11/2019) 
Eva Could Be Me (5/10/2019) 

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Holocaust Remebrance Day 2019 Why What We Can Learn From the Holocaust is More Important That Than Mourning the Holocaust Victims (5/2/2019)


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How to Stop Global Warming All At Once (8/7/2019)
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Israel at a Crossroads: Time for a Government for Everyone (9/26/2019) 
Amazon Fires and a Burning Need for Human Connection (8/29/2019) 
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Climate Change Is Not the Problem — Lack of Human Change Is (7/9/2019) 
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What causes anti-Semitism on the left? (9/24/2019) 
Will the Amazon fires have a significant effect on climate change? (8/27/2019) 
Which side is right in the Israel-Palestine conflict? (7/31/2019) 
Is Israel an apartheid state? What are the facts that prove or disprove this opinion? (7/31/2019) 
Why can’t Palestine recognise Israel? (7/31/2019) 
What are your reasons for supporting Israel? (7/31/2019) 
Do you support the existence of Israel? Why? (7/31/2019) 
Does the State of Israel have a right to exist? Why or why not? (7/31/2019) 
What does it mean to be Jewish in the 21st century? (7/11/2019)
What is the difference between a spiritual Jew and a Jew of the flesh?  (7/11/2019)
If Arabs are also Semitic, then why does the term “Anti-Semitic” mean anti-Jew only?  (7/11/2019)
Are antisemitism and anti-Zionism the same? How are they similar?  (7/11/2019)
What’s the difference between being anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-semitic, and how do you know which is which? There is no need to be too verbose or explain the entire Middle East conflict or the history of the Jewish people.  (7/11/2019) 
Are we currently witnessing a resurgence of anti-semitism? (7/11/2019)
Why is there so much antisemitism on the internet such as in YouTube comment sections and social media? (7/11/2019)  
Can you be anti semitic if you don’t know what Jews are?  (7/11/2019)
How are Jewish people able to obtain such high positions in government, media, academia and Hollywood given the anti-semitism they have faced? (7/11/2019)  
Why have Jews been persecuted throughout history? (7/11/2019)
Why did God allow millions of Jews to die in WW2? (7/11/2019) 
Will there be anti-Semitism after the coming of Moshiach (messiah)? (7/11/2019)
People on Quora have explained Nazi and Arab hate for Jews but not the root cause of it. What is the root of all Arab and Nazi hate for Jews? (7/11/2019) 
What is the actual reason as to why Nazis still exist, and why do they still hate the Jews? (7/11/2019)
How could modern America become anti-Semitic? (7/11/2019)
As an American Jew, I am horrified by the anti-Semitism and racism that seems to have slithered out from under a rock since Donald Trump was elected. At what point does it make sense to leave the US? What would have to happen for you to leave? (7/11/2019)
Why are people blaming the rise of Antisemitism in the US on Trump’s election? (7/11/2019)
Is the Right or Left where most American anti-semitism comes from? (7/11/2019) 
Have we passed the point of no return when it comes to climate change? (7/7/2019) 
What is the difference between humanity and nature? (7/3/2019) 
Why do you reject B.D.S.? (6/26/2019) 
Just this morning I said to my girlfriend – Jews in synagogues need to carry guns. Doesn’t this make sense? (6/26/2019)

The Times of Israel

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Thrive Global

How to Rise Above Time, Space and Motion and Communicate With the Dead (9/27/2019) 
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