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Devoid of Jewish Identity

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The national Jewish identity and the fear of losing it has become a question that troubles many people in Israel. On the one hand, there is no fear that we will lose our identity even if we want to since

Truth, Love, and the Connection between Them

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“The truth is in the eyes of the beholder,” says the famous maxim. In the age of fake news, it is more difficult than ever to tell true from false. So how can we decide whom to believe? How can

Do you think Israel is broken? If yes, how can we fix it?

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We have long been broken. We face alienation and generally negative relations toward each other, and it is indeed a problem. We need to reach a state where we take care of each other, to explain to ourselves that there

What are the full implications of “Deepfake”?

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While there is a lot of anxiety regarding the implications of deepfake technology, I think that it could help correct the world. Deepfake could help bring us closer to the truth, prompting us to outsmart the phenomena that we create

Connections Begins with Respect

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Gil Tamary is a well-known Israeli journalist. A few weeks ago, he sneaked into Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, defying an entry ban on non-Muslims. The stunt made the Saudis so angry that they tracked down and arrested the man who

The Need to Get Out – My Personal Story

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I remember how everyone looked at me fifty years ago in Belarus when I said that I had to leave there and go to Israel, that I had no other choice and wanted nothing else in life ‎other than to

How can I shift my emotions from negative to positive?

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Throughout nature, negative feelings run in parallel to positive ones to sustain the balance. We should thus first understand that negative feelings surface in us from nature in order for us to enter into balance with nature. Doing so will

Israelis against the State of Israel

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When Operation Breaking Dawn broke out last Friday, Israeli journalist Gideon Levy harshly criticized Israel in an interview for the anti-Israel Al Jazeera network. Bella Hadid, an international model of Palestinian origin and a frequent basher of Israel, quickly seized

Can we consider all humans as being ill? If yes, why?

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We are ill in the fact that we cannot distinguish good from evil, and we cannot gather and integrate the good in ourselves so that it gradually covers the evil. Evil in this case is egoism, the desire to enjoy

Don’t Panic, There Is Money Behind It

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A new TV series in Israel, titled 𝐷𝑜𝑛’𝑡 𝑃𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑐, examines if Israel is prepared for events of mass destruction such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or a leak of poisonous gas. Not surprisingly, the series concludes that Israel is unprepared for any

Why does crisis bring people closer?

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I recently received a letter from a lady who explained that she and her husband had to move into their basement after their house got destroyed, and they felt liberated as a result. In her words, she wrote that “caring

How can we deal with negative emotions?

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Negative emotions awaken in us first in order to signal that we have to advance from where we are to a better place. That better place is an essential change in human connections, which ultimately comes down to mutual relations