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The Purim Holiday: The Emergence of a Renewed World

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Every new state is born only under the condition that the former state completely exhausts itself. The holiday of Purim symbolizes the turning point the world is immersed in now as a result of the pandemic. Thus, this year’s celebration

The Way the Pandemic Has Strengthened Religious Beliefs

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When one cannot come to terms with a somber reality, looking towards heaven is an instinctive reaction. In the US, half a million lives have been lost in the COVID-19 pandemic in a year since the outbreak of the virus.

Why is it wrong to kill yourself?

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Suicide counters the purpose of life. The purpose of life requires that we each rise above our inborn ego, which wishes to enjoy at the expense of others, and become like the positive force of nature, which acts to connects

What are the defining characteristics of being Jewish?

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Anyone who agrees with rising above the egoistic human nature in order to positively connect with other people—according to the phrase “Love your friend as yourself”—is considered a Jew, which comes from the word for “unity” (“Yichud”). It is not

Why are brands inportant?

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Brands help coordinate people toward a certain purpose according to a certain direction, movement, teaching, methodology, theory or practice. They help describe and explain all of the latter. As social creatures, we have needs to communicate, teach, grow and bring

Why do we cry?

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Crying comes from agreeing that we are out of energy, that our fate is not in our hands; that there is a superior “something” in our lives, which we can do nothing about; and also that we ultimately have no

Is Nature Sentient?

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People who believe in God the way religions relate to Him attribute to Him feelings and thoughts, and communicate with Him the way we communicate with any powerful individual who determines our fate: We aim to please Him, and in

Have We Seen the Last of Covid?

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The State of Israel is quickly approaching the fifty-percent mark of population that has received the second shot of the Covid vaccine. The country is reopening schools, gyms, movie theaters, malls, and hotels. Have we seen the last of Covid?

What are the principles of education?

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The key educational principle is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Realizing this principle leads us to the fullest realization of human potential, and the creation of a society of happy and confident people who feel completely safe and secure with

How can we find or make our destiny come true?

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We will each indeed have to scrutinize and choose what our true destiny is. What is our true destiny? We will eventually discover that our true destiny is not found in our narrow lives here, i.e., it is not in

The Cold Spell- Nature’s Cold Shoulder

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The extreme cold spell that the US is currently experiencing is truly historic. But then, so is everything these days. The American society has never been so divided, at least not since The Civil War, gaps between the haves and

Shaming Offenders Achieves the Opposite Result

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Recently, there has been an initiative to show the names and faces of murderers and sex offenders on billboards in Israel in order to shame them. Raising awareness to crime is great, but giving notoriety to criminals will achieve the