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The Futility of Leading the World in Vaccinations

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As far as vaccinating its population, Israel is leading the world by such a huge margin that the country in second place, the UAE, is just over half as successful as Israel, and the United States, where the vaccinations are

Impeachment of the System

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President Trump’s second impeachment is not just his own. It marks the collapse of the entire system, a collapse of the constitution. There needs to be a whole revision here, a rebuilding of the system. Very soon, it will become

Back to the Days of One and Only Truth

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I grew up in Soviet Russia under the communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) regime. In those days, everything was simple: There was only one truth, which came out of the one party, and you could read about it

Why We Are Stoic about Two Million Covid Fatalities

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Over the past year, some two million people have died of the coronavirus disease. Yet, how alarmed are we? Let’s face it; we’re not. We’re terribly anxious over the shutting down of businesses, movie theatres, sports arenas, schools, and other

Is there life after death?

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After the death of our egoistic intention to benefit ourselves alone, we start truly living. Until we free ourselves from the egoistic intention, we do not experience life. Instead, we perceive ourselves and our lives from within the narrow limits

What Israel Can(not) Expect form the Jews in the Biden Administration

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When the Biden administration takes office, it will be one of the most, if not the most Jewish administration in US history. No fewer than eleven senior positions will be occupied by Jews, including the Secretary of State, Secretary of

The Big Tech Bans Is the Beginning of Their End

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The ban that big tech companies put on President Donald Trump’s social media accounts and conservative platforms is bad news for everyone. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose socialistic views often put her at odds with President Trump, released a

Is it possible for a person to be considered spiritual without being religious?

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Yes, it is. Spirituality is focused exclusively on bestowal, while religion exists within the corporeal sphere, which is about reception, and which has corresponding intentions. However, judging from people’s actions, it can be quite unclear. Spirituality requires never dividing creation

Why is spiritual truth so elusive?

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What is spirituality? Spirituality is the quality of love, bestowal and connection. This is why spirituality is so elusive. It is concealed from us, since it is complete altruism while our quality is the opposite, total egoism. Then, the question

Is Democracy a Figment of Our Imagination?

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Democracy, we know, comes from Greek and it means “the rule of the people.” The current power struggle in America shows one thing very clearly: There is no rule of the people in America. That is, there may have been

All Blue

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Imagine standing outside your house on a sunny January morning. The deep blue sky is stunning in its clarity, and you could stare at it for hours. Now imagine looking straight ahead at the houses and trees in front of

Are there any spiritual games to play in the group and understand spirituality in easy way?

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A spiritual game is one that elevates us from the animal degree, where we consider self-benefit over benefiting others, to the human degree, where we prioritize benefiting others and nature over ourselves. Such a game involves learning and participating in