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Why are so many people dying taking photographs and selfies?

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They mostly fail to realize the risk in what they are doing at the time of the photograph or selfie. Showing ourselves off to others in risky situations gives us very powerful feelings of being special and standing out among

Jews as Omicron’s Scapegoats

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A few days ago I was in Italy. I saw people on the street that looked like they were turned off, without a spark in their eyes, unhappy. Not only in Italy, a country seriously affected by Covid-19, but all

Living Robots – Bad News for Humanity

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A few days ago, Wyss Institute at Harvard University, in collaboration with scientists at the University of Vermont and Tufts University, published a paper showing that they have developed biological robots that can move on their own, “feed” themselves, and

What’s your opinion about the new series on Netflix called Squid Game?

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One of my students explained how Squid Game is a prime example of how human nature is completely egoistic. That is, a few hundred people who are in serious debt and mental distress are brought to this game, given various challenges, and

Why is the United Nations so ineffective?

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Indeed, if we look into the stated objectives of the United Nations and the results in the world, then we can summarize that the many meetings and events of the UN lead to no effective results, and it is quite

Jewish Unity – OK; Responsibility – No Way!

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An email I received regarding one of my op-ed columns on The Times of Israel read as follows: “I think you are 100% correct that the biggest problem Jews face is their constant infighting and lack of unity. HOWEVER [caps

Buy Nothing Day or Black Friday? Neither

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Buy Nothing Day is a day of protest against consumerism. It is held the day after Thanksgiving, concurrent to Black Friday. In my opinion, the protest accomplishes nothing because shopping fills a void that makes us briefly happy. If you

Is this pandemic ever going to end?

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We are in a struggle with nature. We are discordant with the laws of nature, which are fundamentally laws of interconnection and interdependence. At the base of these laws is a single force that develops everyone and everything to increasingly

Omicron Is Nature’s Precise Spanking

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We haven’t finished with Delta, yet here comes Omicron. The new strain of coronavirus is said to be five times more infectious, but there is as yet no evidence that it causes serious illness in vaccinated people. Nature’s precision is

Why do some people have outbursts?

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Outbursts are not unique only to some people, but on the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature, there are several instances where tension bursts out in order to lead to a calm state. For instance, volcanic eruptions emerge after

In America, Einstein Discovered the Omnipresence of Antisemitism

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You would think that someone as renowned as Albert Einstein, whose contribution to science in general, and to the US in particular, is unquestionable, would escape the plight of antisemitism. He did not. In a recently discovered letter from 1936,

The Miracle We Celebrate on Hanukkah

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Every Jewish holiday has deep spiritual meaning. Hanukkah is no exception. On Hanukkah, we celebrate the miracle that happened to the Maccabees, who defeated the mighty Seleucid Empire and its allies, the Hellenistic Jews. After their victory, they cleaned the