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Why is there violence in Israel right now?

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One of my students recently asked me about the rise in violence among Jews in Israel after the tragic murder of 18-year-old Yoel Lhanghal by a group of young adults at a birthday party in the northern-Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona. Indeed,

Do Jews feel different from other people?

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First of all, we feel ourselves in relation to something, because we cannot discuss a feeling in and of itself. Were there only me, I would not feel myself. I feel myself in relation to the environment, the air, the

What makes a Jew a Jew?

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Jews came about by detaching from the ego, i.e. the egoistic desire to enjoy for self-benefit alone, and discovering the upper world of bestowal and love above the ego. Accordingly, in essence, Jews are supposed to detach from the ego

Why We Cannot See Beyond the Universe

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Our universe, cosmologists say, began with a big bang and has never stopped expanding since. They explain that we cannot see, or otherwise research beyond the universe that inhabits Planet Earth. It is not for inadequate optics that we cannot

A Mondial Tainted by Death and Corruption – Does Anyone Care?

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It is hard to know how many migrant workers died building the soccer stadiums for the 2022 World Cup games in Qatar, but the two popular numbers are 6,500 and 15,000. Either way, no one cares. In addition to the

Is Ray Kurzweil correct in saying that advances in science will enable man to live forever?

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My question in relation to Kurzweil’s statement is: What is so good about us constantly living all the time? Why live at all if we are never to die? On the contrary, if we attain the purpose of our lives

What are your thoughts on the rise of right wing politics in Europe and around the world?

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The recent rise in popularity of the right is an outcome of our current stage of human development, where more and more people are seeing that the truth is with the more egoistic and resolute forces, i.e. those who stand

Family – the Next Gen

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A new documentary in Israel discusses a growing trend in Israel: open marriage. The film presents couples that express feeling stagnation in their marriage and wish to “vitalize” their relationship. Open marriage is only one facet of a much broader

What was the result of NASA hitting the asteroid?

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Indeed, NASA managed to hit a giant asteroid and divert it from its orbit, and NASA’s director stated that NASA is trying to be ready for anything that the universe might throw our way. I think it is a positive

Who are the Jews today?

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Around 3,800 years ago, Abraham the Patriarch reached a perception of the oneness of nature, a perfect unity of everyone and everything as a single whole. He taught the ways of attaining the perception of nature’s oneness to anybody who

Free Iran

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The World Cup games have barely started but already, we have seen one of the most memorable pictures: Iran’s soccer team staying rebelliously silent while their national anthem is playing before the beginning of their match against England. There have

The Climate Is a Matter of Attitude

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The two weeks of climate discussions at the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, ended in disappointment. As CNN wrote, “The world has failed to reach an agreement to phase out fossil fuels … an attempt to address the biggest source