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Death Begins When You Retire from Work

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I am 74 years old, and thank God I work every day. I teach the wisdom of Kabbalah from three to six in the morning to my students who connect live to the lessons from time zones across the globe.

Why Happiness Is Elusive

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Many psychologists believe that lasting happiness is a fantasy, that even when we’re happy, it’s only for a moment. For example, Mandy Kloppers, a cognitive behavioral therapist from the UK, writes the following about happiness: “We’re all taught to believe

The Vaccine Wars Show We Haven’t Learned

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While nations that had access to Covid-19 vaccines rushed to inoculate their citizens, others watched helpless as the virus wreaked havoc in their countries. In the meantime, as I said would happen (check my posts on the topic dating all

Are third- world countries destined to be poor?

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What happens to third-world countries is caused by European civilization replacing several of their local mentalities, cultures and traditions. Foreign cultures and values were imposed on these countries, disrupting their natural development and bringing about their corruption. This is what

Navigating the Maze of Communication with Our Children

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What should be our approach when we communicate with our children, especially when they are young? What kind of relationships should we build with them in order to best prepare them for life? Apparently, there is a formula called “grownup-equal-younger,”

Can Hamas Not Hate Israel?

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In a recent video that was posted on my Facebook page in Hebrew, I said that if we connect with one another in Israel, Hamas will not only make peace with us, but will also come and help us. The

Does the world produce enough food to feed everyone?

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Indeed, the world produces enough food to feed everyone, but the problem is that we cannot divide it correctly, genuinely and fairly. Our ego does not let us distribute products well and correctly, equally for everyone. Food is thrown out

Is GDP an accurate gauge of an individual citizen’s happiness?

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There are several examples of countries that have a high GDP and a low level of people’s happiness, which show quite clearly that GDP is not an accurate gauge for people’s happiness Why is it the case? It is because

The Task Facing Humanity

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There are countless tasks facing humanity: We have to offset our negative influence on the climate, make sure everyone has clean drinking water, minimal healthcare, and staple foods. We also have to tend to the millions, if not billions of

What are the main reasons for increased divorce rates?

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The enveloping reason for increased divorce rates is due to natural human evolution. Our times are characterized by exiting the animal level of development and rising to the human level. In other words, nature is urging us to connect as

A Granddad’s Heart

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When I first became a granddad and saw my grandson for the first time, my heart filled with love. I held him in my arms; I wanted to play with him, to do something for him to make him feel

The Key to Efficiency in Our Lives

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Modern life is characterized by an ongoing race to be more efficient, constantly raising the bar higher to become successful? But maximum efficiency is not always a guarantee of fulfillment. For that, we need goal management and a clear direction