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Russia-Ukraine War: The Pandora Box is Open

The ramifications of this war run much deeper than the impact it will cause to those directly involved in the conflict. It will reshape the world, as it is likely that other latent frictions between countries and territories will be

Between War and Peace

The war between Russia and Ukraine leaves me bewildered, uneasy, and mainly worried, very worried. I have many students in both countries, and I care deeply for all of them. These two nations that have lived side by side for

What is your opinion on the Russian war with Ukraine?

The current Russo-Ukrainian war awakens the awareness that as human beings, we desperately lack correction and positive connection. It shows how hatred can brew between two nations that have lived side-by-side for a long time, which share similarities in religion,

In the End, There Is Only One

In times like these, we can really feel what a revolutionary Abraham was. Nearly 4,000 years ago, he discovered that in the end, there is only one force that created and governs all of reality. At a time when his

Heal the Wounds

An old wound between the Russians and Ukrainians is being aggravated. It is sore and bleeding but not fully reopened. Just as Eastern European countries are now experiencing conflict, this will be felt throughout the world, in all of humanity.

Too Close for Comfort to WWIII

The war in Ukraine is no longer a local conflict. Chechnya has joined Russia, and Belarus is supporting it. Opposite them stands Ukraine, with the US, NATO, and many other countries supporting it with logistics and weapons. But while the

The War – the Spiritual War

To the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, wars “are the necessary grounds of all coming to be,” writes Abraham Schoener of the University of Toronto. “War is not only a principle in the world of mortal affairs; it governs all things, both

A War Without, and a War Within

Shortly after World War II ended with tragic explosions of nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, my teacher’s father, the great thinker and foremost kabbalist of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam, wrote what later became known as “The Writings of

A Sensitive Spot in Humanity

The conflict in Ukraine is not a regular conflict between two nations. It is a very deep crisis that originates from a very special place in the common human soul. It is a sensitive spot in humanity, and we can

If all wars end eventually, what event could end all wars in the world?

The end of all wars will come about when we all aim at mutually complementing each other. It cannot be a state where one ego will overpower another ego, but rather one where we mutually concede to the upper force

Mommy, Why Is There War?

The deplorable bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol, southern Ukraine, brings to mind the story of the mother who told reporters that her son asked her, “Mommy, why is there a war?” She said that a few weeks prior,

No Winners in Case of Nuclear War, but It May Not Matter

With Russian nuclear arms set to high alert, and Ukraine’s nuclear reactor at risk of being bombed, the danger of a nuclear catastrophe has become very real. Everyone knows that if such a disaster were to happen, no one would