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Do You Have the Killer Gene inside of You?

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Every person has the inclination to kill because we each contain an entire set of desires, from the best to the worst. If we kill others, whether it is in war or in any other states, we actually kill a

What Is the Future of the Internet?

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We will have no need for connection via the Internet in the future. It will be replaced with an internal sensory connection. At a certain stage of our development, we will feel the need to rise from our virtual connection

What Does Shavuot Signify?

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Shavuot signifies the day of the giving of the Torah, which is the greatest event that could ever occur. Why is it the greatest ever event? It marks a state where certain people who lived their usual lives, unknowing of

What Do We Do When There Is No Work?

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ChatGPT and now Bard are the two latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines that have made a buzz in the world. However, they are neither the first, nor the last of their kind; AI is taking the world by storm. From

How Has Technology Changed Our Interactions with Each Other at Both Local and Global Levels?

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The more we develop, the more globally interconnected and interdependent we become, technologically and economically, i.e., with more and more external connections to each other. We have built systems where if one country switches off in even one of its

Israel as Two States Won’t Bring Peace

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A new survey published in Israel reveals that about half of the Jewish public in Israel believes that splitting Israeli society into two autonomous states is possible. Ten percent of the respondents in the survey believe that such a division

Do Our Thoughts Influence Nature?

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Indeed, our thoughts influence nature. We live in a single global-integral system of nature, we influence it with our thoughts, and we receive feedback accordingly. Similar to laws that operate on mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic and other material and biological scales,

What Are Your Thoughts on Pain?

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Pain is our body’s reaction to all kinds of bodily disruptions. It warns of danger and makes us act—to move toward pleasure and away from pain, to diagnose the cause of the pain, to reach conclusions, and to advance in our

What Do You Know About the System in Which We Live?

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We live in a single global-integral system, and it has a specific demand from us. What is its demand? It is that we adapt to its global-integral laws. The system we live in urges us to connect to it in

What Is Abundance, and Why Is Abundance Usually Associated with Money?

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Abundance is the feeling of our ability to realize ourselves. We feel wealthy when we feel like we can do anything we have the ability to do. Likewise, we could have billions in our bank accounts, yet feel poor. As

What Is the Difference between Material Joy and Spiritual Joy?

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We feel joy from material fulfillments when we fulfill our own desires. We feel spiritual joy when we fulfill other people who were initially strangers, but who we then turn into our loved ones. We thus rejoice in their fulfillment.

If I Rise Above My Own Desires and Fulfill the Desires of Others, Then How Do I Feel Those People?

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You feel yourself and the others as one, that they are the closest and dearest people to you. The “self” that you previously considered, your personal “I,” disappears from your sensation. Its relevance drops significantly as it becomes more like