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Tu B’Av, building love above hatred

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“There were no good days for Israel like Tu b’Av, a day when the tribes were permitted to mingle with each other and where each and every person bestowed their goodness upon their fellow man.” (Tiferet Shlomo) Tu B’Av is

How A Trip To The Moon Makes Everything Clear

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To see ourselves realistically means to see ourselves as parts of a globally interdependent system. It means to see an ideal and holistic picture of mutually influential relationships. I like listening to astronauts describe their feelings after looking at the

2019: The Year Anti-Semitism Became as Routine as Breakfast

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Regular reports of anti-Semitic crimes and threats have converged into a foreboding trend characteristic of our times. Whether it heads toward a destructive climax akin to the Holocaust, or a positive shift toward a much better situation for both Jews


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The more mass shootings shake society, the more different people propose different solutions in relation to different aspects that play a role in mass shootings: gun control – to counter gun availability, raising awareness about mental illness – to counter

The Cause of Recurring Mass Shootings in America

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Yet again, two deadly mass shootings within hours in Texas and Ohio have shocked America. At least 31 people are dead and dozens wounded in both incidents, spreading fear, bewilderment and confusion throughout American society. The same scenario replays over and over,

The Cause of Recurring Mass Shootings in America (Part 2)

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Today’s divisive social and political climate in the U.S., a melting pot within a boiling society that erupts in recurring mass shootings, resembles a modern-day version of ancient Babylon 4,000 years ago. A look at how the crisis was handled

Tackling Rising Stress Due to Climate Change

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Global warming is a burning topic. Extreme heat waves, unparalleled in human history, have become a source of rising stress, a problem we no longer perceive from afar but on our own skin. Heat stress is estimated to cost the global economy $2.4 trillion

How to Stop Global Warming All At Once

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You don’t have to be a climate scientist or understand that our deteriorating climate conditions will have disastrous ecological consequences. According to the World Economic Forum, ‘Russia’s melting permafrost could have a devastating global effect’.  The danger is not only

Unity as a Panacea, But What Unity Are We Talking About?

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The deep divisions within Israel, America, and basically every society in the world are the subject of in-depth study in both academia and the media, but the most effective way to repair the breakage is itself also a source of intense dispute. This dispute

Boris Johnson, the “Trump of Britain”​, has good news for Israel.

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After Theresa May resigned because she was unable to implement Brexit, Boris Johnson was elected British Prime Minister. In his victory speech a week ago, Johnson reiterated his motto: “Deliver Brexit, unite the country, and defeat [opposition Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn”. If the EU had united Europe


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Answers to Questions on Quora Does the State of Israel have a right to exist? Why or why not? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is a program that runs through nature’s and humanity’s development, which guides us all

Unity Is Our Only Shield against Anti-Semitism

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Campuses in the US and UK, once places for the enlightenment and ideological progress of society, have descended into epicenters of vicious anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment, two sides of the same coin. They have become hotbeds of fundamentalist political agendas