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Capitalism Is Kaput, What’s Next?

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Capitalism has been dying for a long time but we didn’t know it. We thought we were practicing it; we thought it was the most advanced economic system humankind has ever conceived, while in fact, it has long been kaput or as

Learning Nature’s Teaching Method

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In the early 1930s, my teacher’s father, the great Kabbalist and illustrious thinker, Baal HaSulam, wrote a groundbreaking essay titled “The Peace,” where he outlined how humanity can achieve peace and what will happen if it doesn’t. Among other things,

Why All the Hate?

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Wherever we look these days, it seems like hate is engulfing the world. It’s not as though there was no hate before, but in recent months, it seems like there is no escape from it. On the one hand, hate

Hunger in the United States of America

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When speaking of hunger, we are used to thinking of countries in South Asia, or Yemen, Syria, or in Latin America. This is no longer the case. Thanks to COVID-19, hunger is now a real threat in the U.S., as

COVID-19 and the Anxiety Epidemic

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Of all the scares that COVID-19 has wrought, probably the most fearful one of all is uncertainty about the future. During the lockdown, the country experienced a staggering rise in anxiety. On May 4, William Wan of The Washington Post

Do Not Fight Against Racism, Embrace Races

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There has always been hatred in the world, but there hasn’t always been racism. Today, as the question of racism and race equality becomes increasingly prominent, it is easy to see its destructive potential. To avoid declining into extreme violence,

COVID Engendered Humanity 2.0

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Ask any baby boomer where they were when they first heard that JFK was shot, and they will tell you. They will never forget that tragic moment in American history. In many ways, so was September 11, 2001, when the

The COVID-19 Symptom Reserved for Jews

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As early as March 14, Eric Cortellessa wrote on The Times of Israel that as the coronavirus spreads across the globe, “a new conspiracy theory has been brewing on the fringes of society: The Jews are behind it.” By March 31, it was no

Why COVID-19 Hardly Affects Animals

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The coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Yet, of all the species living on the planet, its noxious impact seems to be affecting almost only humans. Why is that? If we look at the instructions we are required to obey

Reinventing the Businesses Wheel

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The global economy needs an intensive care unit. And just as no medicine is yet available to prevent or tackle the spread of the coronavirus, no cure for the precarious health of businesses and industries is at hand either. Soaring

Surfing the Pandemic Waves

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Public discourse now speaks of a second wave of COVID-19 when the first one is far from over. Just when we thought the epidemic was under control, the opening of the economy has brought new contagion outbreaks around the world.

Fight the Right War

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We like to think that we are masters of our own lives, but are we really? If we had our way, would we have asked for the coronavirus to derail our lives from their carefully planned routes? Would we have