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Growing Up with Roe v. Wade

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Being the child of two doctors, the dedicated kind, who bring their work home, and with my mother being a gynecologist, I often witnessed first hand the complexities that come with a decision to terminate a pregnancy. My mother, who

What If We Got It All Wrong about the Climate?

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What if we got it all wrong about the climate? What would we do if we learned that aerosols that pollute the air also cool it and mitigate the greenhouse effect? Also, what if we were told that volcanic eruptions

The Global Turbulence of the Travel Industry

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Remember the days when traveling was relaxing, exciting? Those memories have been challenged in recent weeks by the chaos experienced at airports around the world, particularly in North America and Europe. A surge of summer passengers, eager and waiting to

Toward a Fiery Turmoil

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Roe v. Wade is overturned and protests erupt, gun laws are revisited, war rages in Ukraine, Sri Lanka’s economy collapses, bank runs in China, escalating tensions between the US and China over Taiwan, an increasingly belligerent North Korea, and a

Of Pope Francis, and of World War III

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Last week, a conversation with Pope Francis was published, in which he related to the Russia-Ukraine war as the start of World War III. In a conversation with the editors of European Jesuit publications, and which was first published by

The Israeli Ideology and the Next Revolution

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With all the turmoil happening around the world, it makes one wonder when and where the next revolution might take place, and what ideology it will promote, if any. There is a difference between a coup and a revolution. In

Why Does Violence Increase in Society?

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Year after year, violence in society surges. American concern over crime and violence is at its highest level since 2016, with 53% of Americans worried “a great deal” about it, according to a recent Gallup poll. This makes it one

The Complexities of the Connection between Looks and Happiness

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With teenagers and young adults spending much (too much) of their time on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the flood of videos of attractive young people shapes their views on how they, too, must look. With their body

The Appeal of Evil

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Following the rise in terrorist acts and violent crimes in Israel and the world over, the Israeli newspaper Ynet published an in-depth analysis on the topic of human brutality. The analysis tried to understand what causes certain people to become

Living in Bubbles

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Why can’t people understand me? How do I make them see what I need? And do I understand others? We live in bubbles, and we cannot break free. We perceive everything within us, in the bubble that is our reality,

An Orchestra Conducted “through Innovative Collaboration”

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Since my early childhood, my parents wanted me to become a musician. They sent me to music school where I learned to play the piano, and took me to the movies to watch films about great composers and musicians. I

The Alternative Network to “The Mapping Project”

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The Mapping Project is an undertaking closely resembling what was done during the Nazi era when Jewish businesses were singled out and marked in preparation for the Kristallnacht pogroms in 1938. The project—a database recently launched for Massachusetts which includes