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How Does Collective Consciousness Affect Us?

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Collective consciousness affects us ultimately by leading us to the sensation of our life’s source: the positive force of love, bestowal and connection dwelling in nature. When we reach the sensation of the integral connection between all distant souls and

Why Do We Feel That Various Good and Evil People and Actions Take Place Outside of Us?

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Our perception of reality divides into internal and external. We picture what is inside of us as kind and good, since we feel that it belongs to us, and on the contrary, we picture what is outside of us as

How Can You Get Rid of Your Ego Practically?

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In order to first have a desire to get rid of our ego, which by definition is an intention for self-benefit at the expense of others and nature, we need to understand the evil it brings us, that it is

How Much of Reality Can We See?

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In our inborn egoistic desires, we see a tiny picture of reality that divides into an external and an internal picture. If we shift from an egoistic perception to its opposite of bestowal and love, internalizing what we now perceive

What Is the Next Stage for Humanity?

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Humanity’s next stage is to reach an integral connection with attitudes of love and care replacing our inborn egoistic relations. We have been coming closer to such a state over thousands of years. Humanity nonetheless is being fried on a

What Do You Do if You Hate the World So Deeply?

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I received a similar question on my Facebook page from Dina: “What should I do with my hatred for this world? Many people feel this way today. People hate this world! They hate it! And many even ask: ‘Why was

What Do We Gain from Attaining Connection With the Creator?

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By attaining connection with the Creator, we gain the ability to see the world and influence people as the Creator does, through the Creator’s quality of absolute love and bestowal. When we enter into contact with the Creator, we gain

Was All of Humanity Ever In Spiritual Attainment?

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No. Abraham’s group, which had left Babylon, was in spiritual attainment for a brief period. When they exited Egypt, they rose to a new level, and then during the First Temple’s construction, they rose even higher in spiritual attainment. When

At What Point in History Did Humanity Lose its Way?

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It was since the time of Aristotle and Plato. They had warned that science should not enter the hands of the ignorant under any circumstances, as they would misuse and sell it to the wealthy. As a result, we ended

The Allegory of the Girl Who Refused to Play with a Real Baby in Favor of Her Doll

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We must know that the world was created with a desire to receive. Therefore, as soon as a baby is born, it wants to enjoy through its final day—such as for us to play with it. And when it grows,

How Can We Make One Globe, One World, a Better World?

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We need to fix human relations until we will feel ourselves as living in the same room together. That is, we will become increasingly interconnected and interdependent globally, and in order to experience such tight interdependence positively and not as

Does the Pandemic Possess a Potential to Threaten World Peace or Whatever Is Left of It?

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We saw that when we were in the period of the coronavirus pandemic, the world entered into a survival mode. During that moment, armies and terrorists of the world calmed down from their fighting stances and the coronavirus acted like