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completing the circle coverCompleting the Circle presents a proven way to enhance our benefits from our connections. The Connection-Circle and Round-Table discussion formats have proven themselves successful at resolving seemingly unsolvable conflicts, reassembling shattered relationships, and bringing together alienated families. These discussions have been taking place in the US, Europe, and Israel, all with resounding success. In this book, Dr. Laitman explains the science of his successful method, and offers sample circle workshops we can all implement. As we try them out, we will discover new depths in our social connections, and fresh ideas to manage our lives more successfully.



like-bundle-of-reed-2Like A Bundle of Reeds is an in-depth 200+ page book by Dr. Laitman offering timely insights and tools by which to change the forbidding trend of anti-Semitism and bring about a wholly different perspective and solution to this age-old demon.

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