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No More Sacred Cows

Despite lockdowns, strict guidelines, and new vaccines expected to combat COVID-19, morbidity is constantly intensifying and mortality is at its peak. Regardless of who is in power, world leaders are discovering they are incapable of finding feasible solutions to emerge from the crisis. The impotence to deal with the pandemic and its subsequent effects will eventually exacerbate and exhaust human leadership, reveal its failing and fragile governance, and motivate us to recognize that there are no more sacred cows. The world demands a higher leadership: the leadership of nature.

Nature has its own pace of development which is currently on the fast track due to the pandemic. If we cannot beat nature at its game, we better join it in its trajectory toward a more balanced human society. The systems we have created—family, neighborhoods, cities, societies, and countries—are all based on purely egoistic relationships, on exploitation and competition, on contempt and arrogance. In such systems the spirit of division grows and they are in stark contrast to the form of nature that strives for connection and unity.

The conflict between the laws of society and the laws of nature—the gap between the egoistic and the altruistic—is what led us to the current crisis. This conflict became the tipping point that toppled us into the coronavirus plague on a global scale.

But there is room for subtle optimism. Alongside the sickness and the difficulties, the despair and helplessness, a great new desire is arising; a desire that has always been present but only now emerges in clarity from the harsh grip of the pandemic that is squeezing the breath out of us. The public is beginning to realize that all the paths we have walked throughout history are of no use to us in this difficult time of crisis. Even in all the research and academic knowledge we have accumulated and the sophisticated technology and advanced medicine, there is no lasting benefit. Within the span of a year, the tower of cards we had worked so hard to construct for generations collapsed before our eyes.

The virus that nature has sent us requires us to recognize that nature is spurring us on to the opposite direction from our selfish human calculations, toward a trajectory of complementarity, of support and help, of consideration and solidarity, of concern and mutual guarantee. Such social behavior, which includes choosing values of brotherhood and friendship, strengthens the bonds between us and brings us closer to creating an entirely new social fabric that exemplifies harmony with nature.

If we respond positively to nature’s redirection and strive for a cordial connection, we will discover that we are strengthened by a great connecting force, a supreme power that allows us to overcome contradictions and oppositions, a force that solidifies the human race into a new cohesive unit. And the more we increase love above transgressions and factions, the more we will invite this positive force of nature, the more a unifying source will arise between us that will bring us to higher states.

It is a fruitless hope to expect anything from the government or organizations and politicians to lead toward a positive change. Because the peaks and plateaus they promise us are not in the direction of social unity, their offers are empty and irrelevant.
Although this desire to harmonize with nature as a united humanity is growing gradually and awareness of it is increasing organically, there is still a requirement and duty to proactively focus on and explain extensively the program and evolution of nature. Otherwise, our growing egotistical tendency threatens to continue to pull us apart while we trample on others.

We do not need connection for the sake of control, nor do we need separation in order to govern, but what we need is a type of connection whose purpose is mutual complementation in order to create a sense of equality. This equality we will build is not equality that flattens everyone, but equality that empowers through differences, one that respects every individual’s desires and singularities, yet wisely complements them and shapes them into patterns of connection similar to the trends observed in nature.

The threads of connection between the people and their leaders have long been torn, although only now the rift is being fully revealed. Now we can no longer rely on the decrepit and shaky leadership of the past. Instead, we must learn to communicate properly and learn how to support each other. Within this new network of connections, we will create an infrastructure for an entirely new kind of leadership, the supreme power of nature, a power that will raise us from the crisis and help us build a new life.

[People in protective suits walk outside the hotel where members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) team tasked with investigating the origins of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are quarantined, in Wuhan, Hubei province, China January 28, 2021. REUTERS/Thomas Peter]

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