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The Grand Illusion of The Great Reset

About a week ago, the World Economic Forum gathered in what is known as the Davos convention, although this year it was online. This year’s theme was The Great Reset, a grand plan to save the world, or as the forum describes it, “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate … To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

Many things are included in this plan, with the formal aim being, of course, to save the world economy. But in light of the growing distrust between the general public and the big tech, entrepreneurs, and money moguls who hold the keys to our economies, people are concerned about their future. They do not trust that these tycoons will have their independence, freedom, or even livelihood in mind.

Personally, I don’t believe that people will go hungry or that their property will be taken away in one form or another. Such a process cannot happen unless people want and embrace it, after a long and thorough educational process, and when they are confident that they will benefit from it. Otherwise, it will not work, just as it didn’t work in Soviet Russia.

It is not that I attribute any moral merit to the money moguls and world leaders at the Davos convention; it’s just that I think that the whole idea is impractical. Even a lower level of sharing, such as the European Market, has failed, so such initiatives don’t deserve a second thought. That is, its advocates will get a few billion dollars to draw their plans and implement them, but nothing will happen other than blowing away the money.

Covid-19, the official reason for initiating The Great Reset project, really has changed us, and will continue to change us. However, it will not change us the way Davos goers envision. I believe we will continue to have the basic needs of life as far as food and shelter go, but everything else will change. Money and power, which are now people’s highest aspirations, will lose their shine. Academic degrees, which people so cherished until very recently, will seem pointless to pursue. Humanity will go through profound reckoning and goals that people held high until the arrival of Covid will dim out and seem dull and pointless.

The reset will happen not in people’s material life, but in their hearts. They will have food, but life will be tasteless. Fashion, accessories, fancy cars and expensive houses, travel, sports events and restaurants, everything that defines what we call “good living” will taste like sand.

This is when the great reset will begin. When material life dims, spiritual life will begin to shine. And by spiritual life, I mean the life that exists between us, in our heart-to-heart connections. Only when the superficial loses its glitz, we will realize that we miss each other, that we want and need other people’s company and support. This is when we will begin to develop true relationships, true friendships, and a beautiful world will open for us.

The reset will not be a restart, but an installment of a new operating system. Instead of exhausting our energy climbing the social ladder, we will be energized every time we make new connections. Our hearts will open to each other, and as we strengthen our bonds, our efforts will reward us with even more vigor than we had spent building new ties, since the ties themselves will vitalize us, just as you never feel tired among good friends.

We shouldn’t fear the loss of old visions. They were illusions. The real life waits after we give up our false hopes. Only then, food will be abundant and life will be tasty.

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[Moderator Caroline Anstey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pact, USA speaks during the Financing the “Net-Zero” Transition panel in an image released to the media during the virtual meetings of the Davos World Economic Forum. (Photo by Pascal Bitz/World Economic Forum via Sipa USA)]

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