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Why Happiness Is Elusive

Many psychologists believe that lasting happiness is a fantasy, that even when we’re happy, it’s only for a moment. For example, Mandy Kloppers, a cognitive behavioral therapist from the UK, writes the following about happiness: “We’re all taught to believe

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The Key to Efficiency in Our Lives

Modern life is characterized by an ongoing race to be more efficient, constantly raising the bar higher to become successful? But maximum efficiency is not always a guarantee of fulfillment. For that, we need goal management and a clear direction

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Where Have All the Workers Gone?

Although economies are reopening in many countries as more and more people are vaccinated, a crucial part of the job market is still struggling to restart: workers. The customers are there; the businesses are open, the employers are hiring, but

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Why Connection Matters

In March 2009, in the wake of the Great Recession financial crisis, economist Mark Vitner offered the Associated Press a tactile description of humanity’s inescapable interconnectedness: “It’s like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs. It just can’t be done that easily.

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Respect and Disrespect in Relationships

Relationships can succeed or fail over respect and disrespect. When we show disrespect, it can make the affected person want to die or kill. But what does it mean to respect someone? How does respect affect our connections? Also, how

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Different People, Different Worlds

One sees white where another sees black. One thinks that something is good, and another is certain that it’s bad. Different people, different worlds. How can we collaborate when we are worlds apart, closed inside our shells, and with completely

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Why Preserve Earth?

As the climate crisis escalates and extreme weather is growing increasingly frequent, experts are seriously pondering how close we are to the point of no return. CBS News reported on April 26 that according to Professor Timothy Lenton, a global

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To Change Our Earth, Change the Human

“This is suicidal. We must end our war on nature and nurse it back to health,” said UN Secretary-General António Gutierres to mark International Mother Earth Day. There is not much to celebrate anymore—climate change, emerging pandemics, extinctions of animal

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Two Ways to Be Good

On every aspect we can examine, life is better today than it ever was: We have more food than ever, even too much; we have better health care; we live longer; and we have freedom of speech, at least compared

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Food for Thought

In modern times, food has become not only a vital source of nutrients used for our survival as an organism, but it has transformed into an obsession with us. Over the last fifty years we have started consuming countless industrialized,

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Diversity – the Key to Success

A few weeks ago, several news outlets published a story that went largely unnoticed by legacy media, but which defies reason. Apparently, the Grace Church School in Lower Manhattan issued a 12-page guide to students and staff explaining the school’s

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Is Less In Our Lives More?

The trend of minimalism is transforming societies globally. More and more people are deciding to detach from their material possessions or to avoid acquiring stuff in excess, to escape the stress of the Western life, and to live in a

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