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A Weekend of Worldwide Unity

This past weekend, my students from around the world convened online for a weekend of profound unity and love. Transcending distance, culture, faith, ethnicity, and gender, they gathered in sessions and workshops, meals and celebrations, and rejoiced in their shared

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Are Rivers in the Sky Flooding the Earth?

“When temperatures in Antarctica soared to 38 degrees Celsius above normal—around 70 ‎Fahrenheit—in March, a teetering ice shelf the size of Los Angeles collapsed,” wrote CNN. “The heat rushed in through what’s known as an atmospheric river,” the story continued, “a

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The Surprising Reason that American Jews Hide Their Identity

A recent American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey has discovered that while slightly more than half of American Jewish millennials feel that Israel is very or somewhat important to them, nearly a quarter said that antisemitism has caused them to hide

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Despite Militant Tone, Nuclear War Not Likely

On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin held a press conference in Poland following a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was the first time the US admitted that its real goal is

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Why Antidepressants Don’t Improve Quality of Life

We would expect people with depression to feel better if they took antidepressants. Surprisingly, a huge study that examined 17.5 million adults diagnosed with depression each year between 2005-2016 concluded that they don’t. According to the study, “The real-world effect

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Could There Be A Second Holocaust?

A second Holocaust for the Jewish people is not a distant, hypothetical idea, but a very real threat. Nearly half of Israelis (47%) fear it, according to a recent poll released on the eve of the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’

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Clean Up Earth of Our Polluted Human Nature

The United Nations recently celebrated the International Mother Earth Day as a reminder to protect the environment. Heat waves, droughts, fires and heavy rains that cause severe flooding have become more frequent in many parts of the world due to

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Why We Care about Moses

Although Passover is, well, over, there is something that humanity never gets over: its fascination with Moses. In fact, it is not only Moses, but the whole story of the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt and their miraculous escape

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Achieving Individual and Group Goals

Life is about goals and the corresponding choices to achieve them. Key elements for success are properly evaluating the conditions at our disposal before setting a goal and our teamwork capabilities. When I define a goal for myself, I should

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Chip Crisis Chipping Away at Our Delusions of Independence

Despite trying to resume normalcy after two years of intermittent lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates, reality seems to have different ideas for humanity. The latest is a shortage in those silicon chips called “semiconductors,” which operate not only computers,

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Decoding the Human Genome – the More We Know, the Less We Understand

In recent weeks, newspapers and scientific magazines hailed the completion of the mapping of the human genome. Smithsonian Magazine exclaimed, “Scientists have deciphered the missing eight percent of our genetic blueprint, setting the stage for new discoveries in human evolution and disease.” TIME Magazine

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Is Freedom of Expression for Sale?

Space seems to be too small for Elon Musk, the richest man in the world. After making private space travel a reality his next goal is to conquer the information planet. The business magnate has offered to buy Twitter for

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