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Israelis Need Only One Passport

There is a strange phenomenon that is probably unique to Israelis, or perhaps to Jews: purchasing an alternative citizenship. For some years, it was possible to legally purchase a Portuguese citizenship and get an EU passport, if you met certain conditions related to your ancestry. Now, a similar deal is being offered to people with roots in Germany. I can understand why after two millennia of persecution, Israelis are inclined to secure an alternative location in case trouble finds them here. However, I believe, and history is my witness, that hiding will not help us escape trouble. Our only protection is internal unity. No one has ever defeated, or even challenged us when we were united.

Therefore, I am not looking to buy an alternative passport or prepare a safe haven for myself, even though I have family outside of Israel. Instead, I am trying to do what I think I, and all the Israelis should do.

The more chaotic the world becomes, and it is quickly becoming very chaotic, the more the Jews will be accused of causing it. It is not because we are deliberately causing chaos, but because we are not setting an example of unity, we are blamed for the world’s inability to establish cohesive societies.

The reason for the global rise in antisemitism is not Israel’s negative conduct toward our neighbors, even though this is the world’s grievance against Israel. The real, albeit elusive reason for the intensifying antisemitism is the worsening division in the world, which it pins on Israel.

There is a simple reason for this: Whenever there is division, it is blamed on the Jews since our role is to set an example of solidarity and mutual responsibility, the tenets around which our nation was born, and the values we were tasked with exemplifying. Therefore, if Israel fails to fulfill its calling, the world condemns it.

In other words, the world hates us not for our actions, but for our inaction, for our refusal to practice and display internal unity. As long as we do not strive for solidarity and cohesion, we will not find peace or security anywhere, not in Israel, not in Europe, not in America, and not in Africa. Wherever we go, people will blame us for their wars and for their woes.

Our only safety net, therefore, is our unity. When we are united, we pacify the world’s wars and win humanity’s gratitude and favor. When we are divided, wars and conflicts ensue, and the world hates us for it and seeks to punish us.

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