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New Economics Is Dead; Long Live New Economics

For decades, the economy has been exploiting the middle class, but a just economy first requires a connected society. A few days ago, an article in the prestigious Harvard Business Review revealed that half of America’s adults think that fifty

Brexit Is Good for Europe and the World

The relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union has always been shaky. Now they’ve officially divorced. Brexit finally happened, and there is good reason for the sense of relief and sounds of joy recently resounding throughout the

How serious is the 2019-20 Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a major historical event that is changing the face of human society around the world. One minuscule particle surfaced that has already infected over a million people, caused dozens of thousands of deaths, and moreover, put spokes

How will the coronavirus affect the world economy?

To start with, after this prolonged period of the conditions that the coronavirus has placed us into, our attitude to the world will become different and there will be major changes. We will change psychologically, and accordingly, our systems, connections

I Am Genuinely Afraid

The economy may be reopening but not as it should be. Irresponsible ignition of economic and commercial activities will bear such consequences that will make us regret not waiting a little longer in the first round. We are living in

Is the US Making a Mistake by Reopening the Economy So Soon?

If anyone thinks that reopening the economy will start bringing back the same world we lived in before the coronavirus, then think again. Letting many more businesses run will not mean that people will immediately go back to spending on

Has the Coronavirus Impacted Small Business Owners Globally?

Many businesses will fail to make it through the coronavirus period because of people’s changing buying habits, and the subsequent loss of demand for many nonessential goods and services. The question then becomes, what should those business owners do in

COVID-19 Sent Us Home And Cleaned Up the Mess

If you were a parent with teenage children, and you had to leave the house for the weekend, how terrified would you be that when you returned you’d find your tidy home turned upside down? And what would you do

You Cannot Step into the Same River Twice

We may be relieved that the economy is reopening and we are coming out of the lockdown, but as Heraclitus said, “You cannot step into the same river twice.” Our pre-coronavirus way of life will not return. We have entered

Straightening Up the Economy

We never knew it, but our economy has been standing upside down for more than a century. Instead of catering to our needs, we had catered to the “needs” of the economy. We worried about growth, production, consumption, and trade

The Crown Age

The world has changed; we don’t know what to do. We’re unsure about the future, if we’ll have jobs tomorrow, or if there will be any jobs tomorrow? What will become of us, of humanity? In the wisdom of Kabbalah,

Obsession with Reopening the Economy Will Cost Us Heavily

The main discourse you hear in the media concerns how fast and how much to reopen the economy. No one seems to ask why we should open it at all. No one asks if the businesses that were shut down