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What Will Prevent a Civil War

The tumultuous protests against the planned reforms to Israel’s judicial system seem to be tearing Israeli society apart. Prominent newspapers around the world have not only reported the plan to reform Israel’s justice system, but have actually taken sides. Thomas

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Is War a Necessary Part of Life?

The will to dominate is at the very foundation of our nature, and war is thus a part of our lives. However, it is counterproductive to our very own interests. If we view humanity from aside, then we see that

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Why Do the Ultra-Rich Do Philanthropy?

On one hand, the ultra-rich are driven by their own power and wealth, but on the other hand, they are motivated by a challenge—that they wish to see a positive result from their lives. If we act for humanity’s benefit,

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Is the Universe Endless?

The difference between us and the Creator is endless. Who or what is the Creator? It, or He, is the quality of love and bestowal—the opposite of our quality, reception. In our oppositeness to the Creator, we perceive a very

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Why Is Society Becoming More and More Corrupt?

Behind our every action and thought is an egoistic desire that makes us want to enjoy at the expense of others and nature. Moreover, this egoistic desire constantly grows. If in the past we could have been friendly with each

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Why Do We Tend to Trust Some People Over Others?

We trust some people over others because we have no choice but to trust them. Take babies for instance. Babies trust no one. Babies do not want to know anyone besides their mothers, and to cleave to their mothers. To

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Yes, You Live in a Bubble- and it’s Not a Bad Thing

We all live in our own bubbles, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Our bubbles are characterized by us feeling no desire for anything beyond them. For instance, in my personal physical life, I barely leave my room.

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Living in a World of Gray People

A student told me about a forty-four-year-old woman who had decided when she was younger never to have children. But now that she is older, she wonders if she made the right choice because even though she has friends and

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THIS Is How You Balance Your Emotions

We can balance our emotions with the help of the environment. What I mean by “environment” is our society and its influences, that we can surround ourselves with such influences that will guide us on how to direct the emotions

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Headed for Exile?

It has been more than two months since the general election in Israel took place. Although the results showed a clear winner, and no one disputes the integrity of the election process, the tensions in Israeli society seem to be

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What Is the Difference between Emotion and Desire?

When we realize our desires, then we feel emotions. In other words, the feeling of a desire’s fullness or emptiness is called “emotion,” but it is the same desire. That is, emotion is a phenomenon within the desire. We are

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What Must America Do To Fix Its Trust Crisis?

Indeed, we are living in times of a social trust crisis, and it could lead to worse states where our connections would freeze and we would be unable to move toward each other. Then, from a state where society lives

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