Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

Communication and Enhancing Relations

What is the significance of communications? What is communications in our thoughts and desires and how can we truly reach a better level of communication between us?

Communication and All Its Parts

In order to attain perfect and correct communication between us, each of us must use all our abilities to fill another’s needs, and in that way will reach his/her full potential in a complete manner.

Communication and The Senses

When we began our technological develoment, it changed our natural habitat and dulled our senses. How can we build a new sensory system of communication that is natural and healthy?

Communication and the Development of the Human Language

In nature there is communication at all levels of life. How did the form of communication between humans develop and how does that reflect on the human race?

Heartfelt Communication

Language is a means for expressing our egoistic desires and its development is bringing with it the recognition of a need for a new type of heartfelt communication. Dr. Laitman talks about communications from the perspective of the connecting trend.

The Power of Communication

Mass communications talks to the public at large and shapes public opinion. What is the extent ofthe influence of communication on a person and what should its educational role be? Dr. Laitman provides another aspect of the intergral approach.

Mass Communications

What kind of perspective of life and values does mass communication give us and does it help the process human society is going through? Dr. Laitman talks about the new world.

The Internet Revolution

On the internet everything is open and accessible. The borders were broken and man was given the choice to choose the environment that will influence him. How can we use this tool to maintain a good environment for us and

Potential of Social Networks

What does this need in our society symbolize? Why do we create social networks and what is their potential?

Communication Between the Affluent and The Government

The masses demand social justic and what do the people of influence do about the desires of the masses? How can the integral education approach bring a positive step forward and influence all citizens?

The Advertising World

What will the future power of advertising be and what pleasures will be promoted in the new world? Dr. Laitman discusses the upcoming changes in the advertising world as a result of a shift of values in society.

Teens in the Global Media

What is it about the virtual realm that is so appealing to youngsters nowadays? How can we shift their aspirations for fame and self-promotion toward actively participating in building positive integral global communications?