Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

The New Corporate World

Can the work place be defined as a school where adults come to be educated? Can investing time and resources in the individual development of employees increase profitability?

Presenting The Integral Approach to HR Executives

Today we will talk about what is happening at work nowadays. Despite all the new means of communication we have all around us, people are actually feeling quite isolated in today’s world. We travel back and forth to work in

Building a Corporate Strategy

Corporations hire many consultants to create strategies, but since no one can see a few steps forward it is difficult to plan ahead. The first question is regarding building our strategy forward. Dr. Laitman: Today we don’t have the knowledge

Building A Corporate Strategy II

How can a corporation prepare itself for tomorrow in the most optimal manner? What kind of new way can we find to cope in this competitive market. Dr. Laitman: Competition does not disappear. It is only a new type of

We Are All In One Boat

What changes does a person go through in our time and what is their purpose? Dr. Laitman discusses the suitable education for the integral approach.

A Common Vessel

Through the correct communication between people we can reach a common desire, through which we will be matching the new conditions of the global world. Dr. Laitman discusses new tools for achieving balance and success in life.

Advantages of Connecting in Teamwork

The egoistic way we relate to everything is harmful for the workplace. How can we get everyone in the company to work together as one in achieving coporate goals?

Connecting in the Workplace

Technological development has brought about the enslavement of man and created modern slaverty. Most of the younger workers who are built internally according to the integral approach do not accept this state of affairs and are hungry for change.

The Manager and His/Her Employees

Dr. Laitman speaks about the new corporate world and the image of the manager in the integral society. What is his role and how can he/she succeed to drive employees toward achieving the correct connection between them?

The Meaning of Work in our Lives

What causes us to feel a lack of satisfaction in the work place and how can a manager with integral awareness bring about a good era by forging good relations between employees?

The Organization as a Family

How can we improve our management capabilities according to the integral approach. How can we build a workshop for the management team and lead them to success? Dr. Laitman opens up another window to our new life in a changing

Upgrading the Organization

How can we upgrade the relations between people working in an organization, and how can the organization be managed correctly?