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Global Laws of Interdependency

While we have become globally interdependent, the mindset of self-centeredness still constitutes the predominant paradigm. Our interdependence has become a fact of life. But we, our way of thinking and our values, are still locked in the old paradigm. Therefore,

Global Laws of Success

In a social system, an individual’s success is motivated and measured by society. The individual is constantly working to fulfill the goals of society. Being unaware of this dynamic, the individual attributes accomplishments to oneself. This egoistic perception isolates individuals

Law of Purpose

The Global Law of Necessity and Surplus

A human being’s desires can only be fulfilled according to their natural purpose. An individual has physical desires, and social desires. The physical desires can be fulfilled by the individual and their purpose is survival. While social desires can only

Global Laws of Motivation

Humans are naturally motivated to seek lasting pleasure. However when their desire meets the pleasure, their desire is gradually extinguished. The resulting emptiness motivates the individual to once again seek fulfillment. Thus creating an endless cycle of fleeting pleasures.

Why Connection Makes Us Happier Even If We’re Happy with Less Social Contact

Highly intelligent people are happier to have less social contact. That is a conclusion from a study by evolutionary psychologists Satoshi Kanazawa and Norman P. Li, who examined the effects of population density, frequency of social interactions and intelligence levels in relation

From Generation Screen to Generation Connection

A lot of criticism has been raised about the younger generation trapped in virtual space day and night behind computer screens and mobile devices. Various detractors say that this is a lifeless generation lacking proper brain development, communication skills, imagination,