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Building a Corporate Strategy

Corporations hire many consultants to create strategies, but since no one can see a few steps forward it is difficult to plan ahead. The first question is regarding building our strategy forward.

Dr. Laitman: Today we don’t have the knowledge how to develop, what we can offer people and the world in general. What do we have in the organization that we can organize inside, so we can see new ways. If the ego is pushing us forward and guiding us, and showing us how to profit more based on our inner inclinations, today we no longer have that. Today we see there is a blockade everywhere – but it’s not really a blockade – it is simply a blockade to the old approach. For the new integral approach you have 360 degrees of new space where there is no one yet. You go up to the next floor and there is no one there yet. Do whatever you want there but only according to the rules of the integral approach. The world will be missing everything that will support integralness.

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