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Presenting The Integral Approach to HR Executives

Today we will talk about what is happening at work nowadays. Despite all the new means of communication we have all around us, people are actually feeling quite isolated in today’s world. We travel back and forth to work in hours of traffic alone in our cars, we live behind our screens, and come home feeling pretty disconnected from our family as well.

We try to handle whatever comes across our desk as quickly as possible and in a manner that requires as little contact as possible with others. But our heart isn’t in anything we do because we don’t really come to work because of a specific project at hand. It is the connection between humans that excites and motivates us. Remember how we ran out of bed when we were young and couldn’t wait to get outside to play with our friends? That is how everyone should feel about going to work. Kids work very hard running around, climbing and challenging one another but they don’t stop to think for a second how much energy they are using up because they are so immersed in their game.

So we’re a bit older now and dressed up for work and all that. But at heart we are still those adventurous little people that yearn for genuine human interaction, companionship and fun. That is what is missing from our lives nowadays and this is felt very acutely at the work place where we are expected to produce X, attend X amount of meetings every week, and write X reports. That is not what we were designed for. It is in our nature to seek renewal in everything we do, to push ourselves to develop, to invigorate one another, and this excitement reflects on the people around us and comes back to us a hundred times over.

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