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COVID-19 Has Given Us a Lesson in Humility

Quite probably, no danger has been downplayed more than the coronavirus. Since case 1, the virus has been described as a type of flu, a negligible threat to health, and basically, a non-issue. Yet, we can already see that this

How will the threat of the coronavirus have a major impact on the worldwide economy as it spreads across the globe?

The economy needs a major impact because it has been failing to provide for our needs. Instead, we have been providing for the economy’s “needs.” The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the question about what is essential and nonessential in life.

Predators that Heal Their Prey, and What We Can Learn from Supermarkets

With air pollution rising in China to levels that were “normal” in the pre-COVID days, and with countries all over the world celebrating the reopening of their economies, the hope for change that many had nurtured during the clean-air-clear-water lockdown

The Basis for a New Economy

People’s pockets already face the impact of the biggest economic shake-up since the Great Depression. The distress is real and tangible and has brought about attempts for a speedy return to routine, back to what we have all known from

Why must the economy be reopened?

Indeed, many countries, including those where new cases of the coronavirus are being regularly reported, have started reopening their economies. Why must the economy be reopened, especially considering that a cure for the virus has yet to be found? The

Swim Together, or Sink Together

A few weeks after the coronavirus started to spread throughout China, South Korea, and parts of Japan, much of Europe and North America derided them for panicking over a new strain of flu. A few weeks later, South America, Russia,

What do you think of Spain implementing a permanent universal basic income?

We are quickly transitioning into an era where many of the jobs we once held will become obsolete due to our needs changing, and also due to technology increasingly replacing human resources. In such a situation, basic income becomes a

Are we making a mistake by reopening the economy so soon?

I understand the push to reopen the economy and return to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. Lockdown brought on a lot of mental and emotional tension, loneliness and uncertainty in the future, all of which contribute to a yearning to

America’s Test Will Determine Its Fate, and Ours

A few days ago, I spoke to my longtime student and friend Leonid Makaron. He reminded me that soon after the turn of the century, I told him that America was on the decline. It wasn’t so obvious then, but

Reinventing the Businesses Wheel

The global economy needs an intensive care unit. And just as no medicine is yet available to prevent or tackle the spread of the coronavirus, no cure for the precarious health of businesses and industries is at hand either. Soaring

The Evolution of Employment

Worldwide employment is in free fall. Layoffs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on an already vulnerable workforce in areas that, sooner rather than later, would be replaced by AI and on businesses and industries no longer relevant.

Modern Time Plagues

We have not yet recovered from one plague and the next one arrives. A giant dust cloud from the Sahara Desert reached the states along the US Gulf Coast affecting air quality. The phenomenon is not uncommon, but its size