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The Crown Age

The world has changed; we don’t know what to do. We’re unsure about the future, if we’ll have jobs tomorrow, or if there will be any jobs tomorrow? What will become of us, of humanity?

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the highest quality is called Keter [crown]. This is the quality of giving. This quality created the world and has sustained it ever since. It keeps everything in healthy balance and allows all things to flourish.

Human society is the only element in reality that is built on selfishness and inequality, where the strong take not all that they need, but all that they can. As a result, imbalance is ingrained in human society, and now it is collapsing.

Symbolically or not, Corona Virus (the crown virus) is the harbinger of the crown age in humanity. Now the quality of giving, Keter, is emerging. We are insecure because within us, there is a battle between egoism and giving, and the world is teetering between the two. In the end, Keter will win, but until then, we will afraid and insecure.

Yet, there is a lot we can do to end the insecurity. We can embrace the quality of giving and practice it among us. Clearly, it will not be real giving since there is no real love between us. Nevertheless, it will advance our acclimation to the new reality of Keter. Just as lion cubs play hunters because the games develop their hunting skills, we must play givers to develop our giving skills.

The Crown Age is here. The economy that was based on self-centered products has been shut down and will not return. An economy of giving will emerge instead, which will allow us to befriend each other, trust each other, and stop exploiting ourselves and our planet. The sooner we embrace it, the better.

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