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What Can We Learn from Black Holes Giving Birth to Stars?

Black holes are known to absorb everything within their gravitational field. Using the most powerful Hubble Telescope, astronomers discovered a black hole that became like a mother, giving birth to several stars. How it works is that the black hole sucks gas clouds into itself, gas clouds then heat up to certain temperatures, connect with plasma streams, and they become nurseries for future stars.

This example of a black hole giving birth to stars shows that there is a clear transition from darkness to light, that there is a point it reaches when it can no longer absorb, and then it needs to expel. It displays a certain kind of pulsation at work.

If we relate this example of a black hole giving birth to stars to our own lives: we contain properties of a black hole within us. Our egoistic self-serving nature constantly wishes to absorb and consume into itself.

As our egoistic nature continually grows, i.e., as this black hole within us expands over the course of human development, we eventually reach a pivotal moment when we realize that we must change our nature from consuming to giving.

Like a star born of a black hole, we can also give birth to something like light if we transform ourselves.

How, then, do we transform ourselves and give birth to this new quality?

We first need to realize that black holes are at the foundation of nature—an enormous egoistic force that pulls everything into itself like a vacuum. Afterward, we need to reach an understanding of how we can break out of this black hole that is at the center of our being.

It is a painful realization, that a black hole is the foundation of our nature, because the black hole only consumes, pulling everything into itself, and likewise, it has no future. Black holes within us are big egoistic voids that we try to fill, and which we can never fill because each time a certain kind of fulfillment meets that void, it dissipates.

When we discover that our egoistic nature is a pure black hole, the source and origin of every other black hole at all levels of nature, then we can start seeking how to correct and somewhat complement this nature.

That is the act of spiritual birth, i.e., an inverse change from wanting to receive to wanting to give.

Humanity is already in such a process, toward the realization of the evil and shortcomings of its egoistic nature as a stage toward wanting to change to its opposite giving direction. In other words, we are developing toward a full realization of the flaw of living solely for self-benefit alone, and at such a juncture, we will develop a sincere desire to transform our egoistic nature to its altruistic opposite.

Based on the video “Black Holes Giving Birth to Stars – Kabbalist Reacts” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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