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Europe Walling Up Too Little Too Late

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All over Europe, walls and fences are springing up on the borders between countries. Between Greece and Bulgaria, Austria and Italy, Hungary and Serbia, Lithuania and Belarus, and between many more countries, walls and fences have emerged. Unlike before, countries

It’s Not Nature’s Punishment But An Awakening

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The remnants of Hurricane Ida caused record-breaking floods and spawned tornadoes across the Northeast. Tens of deaths have been attributed to this storm through its torrential rainfall across eight states. A flash flood emergency was declared for the first time

Will Lip Augmentation Make You Popular?

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The idea of cosmetic “fixes” has been around for decades. However, over the past several years, it has become so pervasive, and begins at such an early age, that it’s almost as if there is something wrong with you if

Rosh Hashanah, a New Beginning

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“Man is a wolf to man,” reads the Latin proverb Homo homini lupus. This aptly describes the way we treat each other in today’s society. One may have reached the point where we think that we have nothing to rejoice

How could the technology boom of the past 70 or so years been more beneficial to humanity if it were not largely driven by military or market forces?

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Humanity’s development happens by means of and under the pressure of egoism—the desire to self-benefit at the expense of others—which increases in humanity from one generation to the next, and in our individual lives from one year to the next.

A Centenary for the Refuting of the Protocols

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A hundred years ago, a historic event took place in the struggle against antisemitism: The London Times exposed “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as a hoax. At the time, the scoop was so sensational that The New York

Can a brain be connected to a computer?

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Unquestionably, it will be possible to connect a human brain to computers in order for them to work conjointly. And approximately by the middle of the 21st century it will also be possible to replace all parts of our body

Hurricane Ida – Sixteen Years after the Once in a Century Hurricane Katrina

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Sixteen years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and much of Louisiana, as well as parts of Mississippi and Alabama. When it made landfall, Katrina was a strong category 3 storm, strong enough to claim nearly 2,000 lives and break

Rosh Hashanah- a Chance to Conquer the Covid Separation

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A few days ago, a neighbor shared with one of my students that she was very sad because her daughters are arguing over the Covid vaccines. As a result, one of them, who opposes vaccination, won’t come to celebrate Rosh

When will the Messiah come?

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The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the Messiah, (Mashiach in Hebrew) is a force of salvation. It pulls us out of our ego and brings us to love and mutual connection. The Hebrew word for Messiah, Mashiach, comes from the word “to pull,” Limshoch. This force,

Education for Global Awareness

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The integral reality where we are raising children today is very different from the one where we grew up. In order for them to thrive in an interconnected world, they must be conscious of how connected we are, and the

Why don’t we get rid of intellectual property laws and stop restraining creativity and innovation?

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If we reach the understanding that everything we achieve and discover can benefit humanity and will be recorded about each one of us in our soul’s eternal account to the degree of benefit that we contributed—then the approach of guarding