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COVID Engendered Humanity 2.0

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Ask any baby boomer where they were when they first heard that JFK was shot, and they will tell you. They will never forget that tragic moment in American history. In many ways, so was September 11, 2001, when the

Why does the coronavirus not affect animals or birds?

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We humans are the main victims of the coronavirus due to our negative connections to each other. Animals have no hatred in their connections. For instance, even a lion hunting to kill an antelope does so out of an instinctive

The COVID-19 Symptom Reserved for Jews

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As early as March 14, Eric Cortellessa wrote on The Times of Israel that as the coronavirus spreads across the globe, “a new conspiracy theory has been brewing on the fringes of society: The Jews are behind it.” By March 31, it was no

Why COVID-19 Hardly Affects Animals

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The coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Yet, of all the species living on the planet, its noxious impact seems to be affecting almost only humans. Why is that? If we look at the instructions we are required to obey

What are the most lucrative future careers or professions?

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Our socio-economic infrastructure is currently undergoing a fateful shift away from luxury industries and to more emphasis on life’s essentials. Also, we are headed to a future where more and more jobs will become taken over by automation and AI.

Reinventing the Businesses Wheel

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The global economy needs an intensive care unit. And just as no medicine is yet available to prevent or tackle the spread of the coronavirus, no cure for the precarious health of businesses and industries is at hand either. Soaring

What will happen if the coronavirus comes back in a second wave?

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If we thought that the pandemic was under control, the time has come to think again. The second wave of the coronavirus is already being widely discussed, even though the first wave never really stopped. The economy’s reopening has helped

Need a Job? Consider Being a Connection Coach

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There used to be liftmen who would press the right button for you. And before there were refrigerators, there were icemen who would cut large blocks of ice and deliver them to customers. The world of work is in constant

Surfing the Pandemic Waves

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Public discourse now speaks of a second wave of COVID-19 when the first one is far from over. Just when we thought the epidemic was under control, the opening of the economy has brought new contagion outbreaks around the world.

Fight the Right War

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We like to think that we are masters of our own lives, but are we really? If we had our way, would we have asked for the coronavirus to derail our lives from their carefully planned routes? Would we have

Why is there such chaos in America?

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Is America’s time up? Does it have to go in the same direction as those once-powerful nations and empires that reached their demise? While it is clearly headed downward, there is a way to use America’s chaotic state as an

COVID-19 Is a Paradigm Shift

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When 2020 began, people’s expectations from America were quite high. Granted, problems were to be expected, but the U.S. and China had just signed Phase One of the agreement to end the trade war between them, unemployment was at an