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How Can We Protect the Environment?

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Our every problem stems from our perception of ourselves as separate from nature, where we differentiate “me” from “everyone and everything outside of me.” Such a perception makes us regard our environment as subordinate to us. Even when we care

Does Being Against the State of Israel Automatically Make You Antisemitic?

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Jews bear the method to positively connect above society’s myriad divisions and conflicts, but they themselves are unaware of it. The more divided human society becomes, the more humanity needs this method of connection. There exists a subconscious feeling among

Can Kabbalah Be Understood Without Knowing Hebrew?

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It is possible to understand Kabbalah in any language. Moreover, it is desirable to study Kabbalah in one’s native language. However, at the same time, there are a number of Kabbalistic terms in Hebrew that one should learn in order

Do People Who Go Out to Space and Look at the Earth from Afar Undergo Any Kind of Special Change?

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Indeed, people who go out to space and view the Earth from afar come back differently. By detaching from us even for a short period of time, they come back with a different opinion about how we should relate to

Why Do We Have to Have Natural Disasters?

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We receive major blows from nature ultimately in order to shake us out of the state where we live according to an egoistic paradigm—with exploitation, manipulation and hatred dwelling in our connections—to a state where we positively connect, as described

What Do You Think About Tik Tok Challenges?

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Challenges on TikTok and on social media platforms in general represent our primal animal nature and how we learn from others. It is natural for us to imitate others since we are social animals. In the end, imitating one another

What Are Some Things We Can Do to Help Ease Our Anxiety About the Future?

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To understand that it is just anxiety and not reality. We should look into what we have the ability to do today, understanding that any anxieties about the future are about what might happen later, and accordingly we should calm

What Needs to Happen or Change for Humanity to Advance?

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Human nature is a desire to enjoy for self-benefit. It is our starting point, and we are placed in a process of development that leads to a state where we will end up inverting our nature in the direction of

Where Should I Start Learning Kabbalah?

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Kabbalah is a wisdom that explains the one unique and unified force operating throughout nature. Today, humanity is reaching the conclusion that it does not know anything about life’s purpose, and that it must know answers to essential questions about

If Death Is a Punishment, How Is Heaven a Reward?

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There is no death. Through the study of Kabbalah, we can transition from our inborn transient, egoistic and self-serving desire to an eternal and perfect altruistic desire. Without such a study, then our egoistic desire gradually fades away to zero,

What Are Some Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety?

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We can overcome stress and anxiety by developing more and more positive connection, friendship and closeness to each other. Otherwise, these and other negative sensations will increasingly disturb us. If we create small societies in which we develop connections of

What Was Antonio Stradivari’s Secret to Making the Best Violins in History?

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Indeed, whether it is the latest technologies being unable to recreate the Stradivari violin sound, nor the International Association of Violin and Bow Makers, which has repeatedly attempted to discover the master’s secret with no luck, there have been all