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Politics of the Obstinate

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  After a fourth election in less than two years, Israel has become the world’s laughing stock. But for the State of Israel, it isn’t funny. The country is paralyzed in many respects, from offices that require ministers, to large

How would you summarize the purpose of life in one sentence?

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The purpose of life is to achieve the center of connection between us in order to perceive and sense our exit into a higher dimension, where we are balanced with nature. Based on a Virtual Kabbalah Lesson with Kabbalist Dr.

What Really Makes Life Precious

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Recently, many analyses have surfaced showing the excess mortality that Covid-19 has wrought. Even with the existence of vaccines, the virus is still spreading and in many countries, claims hundreds, and even thousands of lives each day. This grim reality

In Exodus 32, God calls the Israelites ” stiff necked people”. What does that mean?

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The people of Israel are given blows, such as the ten plagues of Egypt, in order to reach a realization that individually, their egos will not be able to sustain them, and that they will need to demand a force

Malignant Relationships

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Cancer has plagued humanity for millennia. Some reports of cancer date back to the seventh century BC, and ancient scrolls in Egypt talk about cancer of the chest. Over the eons, countless cures have been concocted, yet cancer is only

And the Children of Israel Sighed from the Elections

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Since the first lockdown, I hardly ever go outside. In the rare occasions that I do venture outside, I see the mounting hatred in people’s eyes growing from one election campaign to the next. In today’s election system, the half

What does maror symbolize?

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When we set off on the spiritual path, it initially appears very enticing, attractive and interesting. We become fueled with a new sense of purpose in life, and understand that great attainments and revelations await us. After some time on

What is the meaning and importance of the exodus from Egypt?

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Passover describes salvation from exile in Egypt, i.e., from the period of slavery to our egoistic desires called “Egypt,” the increasing feeling of distress we develop in that state, and its eventual exit after coming to an intolerable feeling that

What It Takes to Make a Passover for All of Humanity

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This coming weekend, Passover begins. This holiday, which seems to be such a Jewish occasion, actually holds within it a message and a prediction for all of humanity. It is no coincidence that the story of Moses, Pharaoh, and the

What is the spiritual significance of the Passover?

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Passover signifies a transition from exiting the control of our corporeal, egoistic and divisive world, and entering the control of the spiritual, altruistic and harmoniously-connected world. Such a transition requires the emergence and development of a spiritual desire. In other

Home Sweet (Virtual) Home

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“A new form of digital currency is apparently moving into the world of real estate,” reported Fox Business on March 21. “The result,” continued the story, “is that a homebuyer just bought a piece of property that they can never

Serious about Growing? Learn to laugh about yourself

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If we could look at ourselves from aside and see our little faults, we wouldn’t only make life easier for ourselves, we would also learn a lot about human nature, the nature of Creation, and how we can better ourselves.