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AI Is Predicting People’s Deaths. Is This Something We Want?

Indeed, an AI-based program has been launched in Denmark that various scientists currently claim predicts life expectancy with 78 percent accuracy.

The question is whether we need such mechanisms, i.e., does it help us in any way to know the date of our death?

However, before asking about whether we would want to know the date of our passing, would we not be more interested in knowing about various phenomena in our lives, such as when we will get healthy, wealthy, married, and so on?

About knowing the date of our own passing, there are people to whom it matters, i.e., they care very much about how they organize their affairs, prepare their papers, and leave things for after they die, without entering into various conflicts in the process.

I personally do not need that.

It has been possible to know when we die even before AI developments, and it in no way interferes with any kind of Divine plan or anything like that.

Once, when I visited Canada to bury my father and wanted to support my mother at that hour, I saw that my mother was more or less calm. I asked her, “What is the matter?” And she answered that she had met a man who accurately told her the day of my father’s death.

She asked me to call him, and when I did, he immediately responded with, “Oh, it is the son of so-and-so calling me.” Just by my voice alone. I did not introduce myself, and straight away he shared with me a lot of information about myself, including the date of my passing.

These are simply psychic abilities that are given to certain people. I see nothing special about them. Of course, not everyone possesses such abilities, nor do such people know why they were granted them.

Likewise, I see nothing extraordinary about AI being able to predict the date of people’s deaths. It simply crunches certain earthly information and spits out a date that makes sense according to various parameters.

What matters more than the date of our physical death is the state where our egoistic intention, which makes us constantly wish to benefit ourselves at others’ expense, perishes and becomes replaced with an altruistic intention to benefit others and nature.

That is the point when we discover our soul, and no psychic or AI program can predict such an inner evolutionary leap.

Nature in general guides us all through an evolutionary process of egoism’s growth to a critical transition point where we can no longer live within our egos. We then wish to exit our narrow egoistic nature and enter into a much more expansive reality based on a new altruistic nature—the reality of our eternal soul.

Our physical deaths do not lead us to such a revelation. Instead, we attain it by constantly longing for our egoistic nature, which enslaves us in its tiny self-serving picture of the world, to disappear and let us sense a world that is eternal and complete.

We would then reach a state called “the correction of the soul.” It is a state where we break out of our egoistic shells and feel the full Divine, harmonious and peaceful force dwelling in nature directly, with all of our heart and feelings.

Based on KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur on January 15, 2024. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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