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How Long Will Money Make the World Go ’Round?

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Business Insider wrote that an Oxfam International report found that between March 18 and December 30, 2020, the wealth of the ten richest people in the world increased by $3.9 trillion. According to the report, this gain alone, which those

The Waning Memory of the Holocaust

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I was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, right after World War II, when the memory of the war was vivid. Not far from my town, which was home to many Jews before the war, were a concentration camp and an extermination

Holocaust Remembrance Looking Into the Future

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The Holocaust left a strong mark on me from an early age. I was born in Belarus, in the same place where horrible atrocities were perpetrated by the Nazis against Jews. Particularly in Vitebsk, the city of my childhood, there

What are good ways to solve mass unemployment?

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The solution to mass unemployment is in providing basic income to all people on condition that it is received for a certain contribution that each person makes to society. In other words, basic income, i.e., receiving a regular allowance, cannot

With All Due Respect

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With all due respect to others’ self-respect, we care about our own respect, and not much else. Disrespect toward others can lead to conflicts, violence, political paralysis (look at the Israeli political system), and even wars. Offending someone’s respect renounces

How do you deal with all these terrible things going on in the world?

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I explain to people that suffering is not going anywhere, and things are not going to become any better or sweeter, unless we change ourselves: that we will want to correct our egoistic human nature into its opposite. The world

Jewish Unity and Antisemitism, Part VIII

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PETACH TIKVAH, Israel — The previous article described the Hasmonean Revolt, which erupted after Jews turned to Antiochus IV Epiphanes, King of the Seleucid Empire, and lured him into Judah so as to force the Hellenistic culture and belief system

Do you think crossing the Red Sea by Moses really happened?

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According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the crossing of the Red Sea describes an inner spiritual state of leaving one’s egoistic desires behind, and entering into spiritual desires for love, bestowal and connection. It is essentially the crossing from this

Jewish Unity and Antisemitism, Part VII

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  PETACH TIKVAH, Israel — In the previous article, we described what might be regarded as the golden era of the Jews, the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE, when there were relative unity and calm, and three times a year, people from

Who were the mixed multitude in Exodus 12:38?

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We can divide a nation—inside and outside of a person—into three parts. Those who aspire for the Creator are called “Israel (Yashar-Kel).” Those called “Egyptians” have no interest in spirituality, and instead deal with their corporeal lives. The mixed multitude

Why should Israel invest its gas royalties?

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In 2020, Israel received the equivalent of around three billion US dollars in gas royalties. Part of it was supposed to go to a Israeli Citizens’ Fund for the benefit of Israeli citizens, but the fund is not yet operational.

We Have to Grow, Despite the Media Smokescreen

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Even before Covid-19 spread like a brush fire across the globe, we were approaching a downturn. The media pretended as if there were many more treats to find out there, but despite the smokescreen, we were inching toward the end