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The World Waits for Israel

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A student of mine told me that thirty years ago, a sheikh from the extremist Palestinian Hamas movement predicted that in 2022, between the month of Ramadan and the month of June, Israel will be destroyed. He asked if I

Istanbul Convention – Israel Should Make Its Own Rules

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The Istanbul Convention is a human rights treaty that was drafted by the Council of Europe and was opened for signature on May 11, 2011, in Istanbul, Turkey. The treaty aims to prevent violence, protect victims, and end the impunity

How We Misunderstand Leadership

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An interview with primatologist Frans de Waal was recently brought to my attention. De Waal, a prolific author who wrote extensively about his research on chimpanzees, is famous for having promulgated the concept of “alpha male.” In his book Chimpanzee

Why should you care?

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If we fail to reach mutual care in our times, then we can expect ourselves as a humanity to regress, rather than progress, as we head into the future. Any current progress we make is for profit purposes. If there

Germany Has Changed, Antisemitism Hasn’t

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A recent survey of Germans and Muslims living in Germany conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) found that 60% of both populations consider antisemitism to be a widespread phenomenon in Germany that has increased over the past 10 years.

What is the root of depression?

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Depression is rooted in our nature, which is a desire to enjoy. If we fulfill the desire to enjoy with a suitable fulfillment, then we feel good. But if we do not give the desire to enjoy what it wants,

Is Hunger Possible in Today’s World?

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When we hear about hunger crises, they usually refer to poorer and war-torn countries in Africa or Asia. We rarely think of hunger crises when we think of Europe or the United States. But recently, more and more voices are

Buffalo Massacre – a Reflection of Our World

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This Saturday, a man went into a Tops Friendly supermarket in Buffalo, NY, and shot ten people dead in what appears to be a racially motivated crime. This massacre, the latest in an endless stream of violence, is a reflection

Is there anything which is more important than love?

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Love is simultaneously life’s most elusive and most important quality. It is the source of life. Without love, there is no life. Without connection, there is no creation. But we should be careful to understand what love truly means: Love

Personal Involvement – a Positive Story for the Weekend

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As part of a school project on personal involvement, twin sisters in 10th grade met with a seventy-seven-year-old woman and kept her company for several meetings. The project ended long ago, but by the time it was over, the connection

The Root of Israel’s Political Chaos

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The past several years have seen a growing political chaos in Israel. Four elections in just two years are too much for any country. But even after the fourth election, there is no stable government, it is torn from within,

Where will this path of consumerism lead us as a futuristic global society?

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As a consumerist society, we are headed to a state where we will see that humanity becomes increasingly devoid of meaning. We do not need over 90 percent of what we keep ourselves busy with. All the while, nature also