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If God Really Loves Us, Why Does He Let People Suffer, Especially Innocent People?

I received a question from a lady, Olga, on my Facebook page, where she wrote the following:

“Dear Dr. Laitman, I’ve been listening to you for a long time and I usually agree with you, but there’s one thing I cannot agree with, how you say that the Creator is good. It is not true. He’s not good. Look around! Even if I repeat ‘the Creator is good, the Creator is good’ as a mantra, the horrors won’t stop. Why is He so unkind to us? Why does He make so many innocent people suffer?”

It is true that people are suffering and that the Creator is unkind. But together with being unkind, He is just.

Who is the Creator just to? He is just to those who fulfill His commandments. He set up certain rules and conditions, which can be summarized in a few words: “Be kind to each other.”

Therefore, if we live in a world of suffering, it is because we bring it on ourselves.

In order to feel the Creator’s providence as “good that does good,” i.e., in a positive manner, we ourselves have to match such an attitude in our social relations. So, if we wish to experience a better life, we ourselves need to make it better, and take charge of our lives to do so. It is possible if we really try.

It is also important to note that “God” (“Elohim” in Hebrew) is equal to “nature” (“HaTeva” in Hebrew) in Gematria. When we thus speak about God or the Creator and His commandments, we are speaking about nature and its laws.

Therefore, we can interchangeably say that we are noncompliant with the universal law of nature, which is absolute goodness, love, unity and connection; and that we are noncompliant with the Creator’s good providence.

While we are noncompliant with the Creator’s commandments and nature’s laws, we can start becoming compliant without any help from God/nature. Therefore, if we wish to put an end to all the suffering, wars, disasters, hatred and division in the world, we need to understand that it depends solely on us.

Based on the video “Why Does God Let So Many Innocent People Suffer?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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