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The Superior Principles that Guarantee Life

It is not only America that’s falling apart. The Dutch government resigned in its entirety, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down, the Italian government is on the brink of collapse, and the coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world. Vaccines have already been developed, but new and more infectious strains have already appeared spreading more rapidly and with a higher death toll than before there were vaccines. And worst of all, we are shifting into a new phase in the collapse of the old world: from lack of work to lack of food. If we don’t wake up soon, we will wake up to a plague of hunger, and people will smash everything for a piece of bread for their children.

The only way to avert the looming meltdown is to reconstruct society under new, non-egoistic principles. This does not mean that we have to become altruistic, but we must understand that if we continue to behave selfishly toward each other, we will die; it’s as simple as that.

The new principle that must be the basis of the new society is connection, or rather, mutuality. Succinctly, mutuality means that we must treat everyone, whoever they are, equally. We must make sure that every single person receives the basic necessities that allow for reasonable subsistence. This principle must override any border, view, race, gender identity, faith, or any other difference among people.

Since the problem that the world is going to face is lack of staple foods, the first and foremost expression of our connection must be the provision of sufficient nutrition to everyone. Whether people are Communists, Nazis, or any other extreme you can imagine, we must still provide everyone without exception with the basic needs of life.

As we attempt to achieve this, we will find that we need a global, overarching organization that will guarantee that everyone, in every country, gets those staples. Clearly, such an umbrella organization brings to mind the image of a global government with all the justified concerns about excessive use of power. However, without global coordination of food manufacturing and distribution, chaos will ensue everywhere.

The era of self-sufficient nation states is over. Just as the coronavirus has spread throughout the world faster than a brush fire, so will any crisis going forward. Without global collaboration that genuinely seeks the well-being of everyone, we will not survive. And nothing is more fitting to start our global cooperation than guaranteeing food supply to every single person on the planet. This will not only be our biggest test yet, but it will also be the proper basis on which to build humanity’s new establishments, which will cater to the well-being of all of humanity.

It has already been shown—and I, too, have written about it multiple times—that the seemingly endless stream of crises are all connected to our attitude toward each other and to nature. Countless scientists and scientific institutions have published studies that link our mistreatment of other people and the whole of nature to the collapse of our global ecosystem. The current global institutions are powerless; they are dummies with no real power, and perhaps it is only for the best, since they actually represent the interests of their countries and have no real concern for the well-being of humanity.

As I said in the beginning of this piece, the global institution that will oversee the food provision project need not consist of altruists. Besides, as we know, altruists are very hard to find these days.
Instead, the people who will lead this project will be those who understand that it is in our egoistic interest to guarantee everyone’s well-being, or the global system will collapse. This understanding is imperative, and it is realistic to find such people.
Understandably, governments will not be happy to yield any power to such an institution, but we can trust nature to do its thing and force them to comply the hard way, at the expense of all of us. There are trying times ahead, but if we understand that our lives are at stake, and how we can save them, perhaps we will succeed.

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