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Finding Light in the Darkness

Suffering, polarization and confusion abounds in people’s lives today. It is hard to see the horizon with a clear perspective of where society is heading when everything around us looks gloomy and frightening, but there is a way to discover light in a bleak situation. In fact, it is precisely the contrast of opposites that makes a new and better reality possible.

The confrontation between darkness and light is depicted in almost all our stories and movies. There are always good and bad characters, and the hero is the one who uses his or her special attributes to help everyone in need. However, depending on the angle from which we view our story, characters that were initially good evolve into evil, and bad ones turn out to be good. Does it mean that in our lives darkness and light depend on the individual perception of each?

In the life of the individual, the answer is yes. However, from the level of the laws of nature, we are able to note a consistent pattern: good is what helps all parts of nature connect in a positive and useful way, where each part benefits and supplements the others, and bad is what causes separation and conflict between people.

If we all yearn for light, why does darkness exist in the world? Evil exists in the world so that we can distinguish the good from it. These two opposite forms are always present. There is no plus without a minus. Only by placing something between opposites that effectively connects them, can we enjoy the presence of both.

We need to start learning the art of building a positive attitude toward each and every person above our inclination to try to benefit at the expense of others and start establishing an environment where each member takes care of others.

However, in our perception of the world right now, we see many different, contrasting, and even conflicting groups. Each one considers their own position as right and the others as wrong. How can humanity ever achieve a common unified state when such divisions abound between us?

The solution can be found in a unity that needs to be built above the differences and divisions rather than between them. It is written about such unity that “Love will cover all crimes.”

Leave the differences and divisions alone. Let them remain. Be aware of them and understand that we are remote and opposite from one another. We need to reach the understanding that our differences are part and parcel of the egoistic nature into which we were each born and raised. Because nature has taken care of making each one of us a unique individual with a unique assembly of views and experiences, we cannot expect any kind of uniformity across very diverse populations to emerge if we try to think and act solely from within the level of our differences and divisions.

However, at the same time, it is also clear that without discovering a way to unite us all on some level, we will continue to endure more and more suffering. So what is the solution?

The solution is not to try and establish unity at the same level of our disagreements, but to rise above them and discover a new kind of reality where we positively connect above our divergences.
The laws of nature act in such a way that if we attempt to rise above what separates us, then we gain the support of nature to help us. In such an inclination and effort we discover positive forces dwelling in nature, which are waiting for us to activate them through our common effort to connect above our differences.

By putting into action regular motions to unite, we will discover the solution for overcoming any disagreement and conflict. We will reveal that although we differ in our individual natural characteristics, a common tendency to positively connect above our differences is able to hold greater importance, and this will give us the strength to unite.

Then we will create a form of unity in which we all support each other. We will be able to acknowledge our negative and critical feelings toward others, and unite above them. It will allow us to see a harmonious, whole and balanced world, with each one of us acting like cells and organs within one body, participating together as one in the creation of a society of united, happy, confident and safe people.

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