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Who is the biggest enemy of Israel?

There is currently widespread sympathy for Palestinians, which in many cases leads to a one-sided stance against Israel. Several countries have taken drastic steps: some have recalled their ambassadors, while certain large websites in China have gone as far as erasing Israel from maps. In Columbia, there were celebrations staged in support of Hamas. There are even instances like Spain announcing a solidarity strike in their education system for Gaza. After an immense display of support for Israel following the tragic attacks on October 7, how did the tide turn so quickly?

Hatred spreads effortlessly. This trend was not unforeseen; it was brewing beneath the surface. The current actions against Israel in several nations thus come as no surprise.

The question on the lips of many Israelis and Israel supporters is indeed how can this negative perception be altered? The answer is in our own attitudes toward each other.

On the surface, the protests against Israel are in relation to Israel’s offensive in Gaza. However, it is not the core reason. They awaken in such a way because of our inadequate treatment of each other.

Something is stirring within them, an awakening not of earthly origin but seemingly from the heavens. It is a call for us, as Jews, to unite, to stand as brothers, to draw closer together.

If we manage to come together, our unity will resonate and calm the opposing forces incited against us. It is not a battle of “us versus them.” It is rather a battle of us against a higher force that seeks our unity.

This higher force, in its intricate plan, desires for us to come together like a single family. If we make no moves in this unifying direction, then adversaries appear as instruments through which the higher force tries to convey this message to us.

One way or another, we will need to realize our unity. The conflict we face is not solely with external threats like terrorists. It is an internal struggle, a battle against our own discord.

Therefore, while we are at war, we need to proceed with what is necessary on the ground. Yet, concurrently, we should focus on harnessing all of our energies to combat anything that divides the people of Israel.

Based on the video “Who Is Israel’s Biggest Enemy?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Strvnge Films on Unsplash.

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