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The Hanukkah Miracle Today

Uniting above the myriad conflicts we have among each other today—from physical wars and bloodshed through to endless arguments, accusations and intents to harm each other with words—indeed requires divine intervention, a miracle.

We should, however, anticipate such a miracle. To make it happen, we all need to open our hearts to one another and welcome each other inside. We can then become a united front with the feeling of nature’s positive force entering our connections.

The real miracle of Hanukkah is in breaking free from our inborn egoistic nature. It is a complete shift from separation to unity, from hatred to love for each other. When such a transformation plays out, we will understand the reasons for our conflicts, grasp the difference between the material and spiritual dimensions, and see how the laws of nature—laws of love, bestowal and connection—orchestrate the world and our lives.

I hope this Hanukkah brings us the understanding that by uniting, we can overcome our divisions, and by doing so, spread the idea that unity is the solution for every problem and crisis to humanity.

Accordingly, I hope for more and more hearts to join into one common heart until humanity as a whole discovers the presence of the single force of love and bestowal dwelling among all of us.

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