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Shelter in Place from Whom or from What?

While we are debating to what extent, if at all, we should ease the shelter-in-place policy, we should really be thinking from what or from whom we are taking shelter. Scientists have already been determined that the coronavirus pandemic erupted due to our own behavior toward nature. But we are just as abusive toward each other as we are toward nature. And just as nature has expelled us from itself, it also expelled us from society, and for the very same reason.

So if we want a kinder treatment from nature, we must develop a kinder approach toward it and toward people. We cannot love trees or animals and at the same time hate people. This is the worst kind of hatred, which disguises as love of animals and uses it as a pretext to hate people. This approach will not work. We must change our attitude toward all of creation on all its levels: mineral, plant, animal, and human. Until we learn how to plant love in our hearts instead of hate, nature will punish us every time we bring our bodies closer.

[Runners, families and bikers seen spending a few moments in Central Park during Covid-19 – Corona pandemic stay at home orders, Sunday April 19 2020 in New York NY. (Photo by Jonas Gustavsson/Sipa USA)]

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