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The Future of Tech: Learning the technology of connection

In one way or another, our daily lives are deeply influenced by the biggest U.S. tech companies. The information we are exposed to, what we consume, and our virtual interactions all depend largely on the online platforms that recently faced a Capitol Hill grilling on the way they do business. The CEOs of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple tried to refute accusations of biased content moderation, privacy intrusion, and market domination stymieing competition. But the question still unanswered is how much are they contributing to bringing people closer together. Any hearing that fails to initiate such change will be superficial and meaningless.

The depth of American distrust toward such tech giants was revealed in a study conducted by a Pew Research in June. 72% of U.S. adults consulted in the survey said big tech companies have too much “power and influence” in politics. Earlier this year, another poll found that 65% of the people did not regard the industry’s expansion over smaller competitors as beneficial to users.

The way social media manages what is considered unreliable and harmful information is also controversial. In protest, more than a thousand companies have pulled their ads from Facebook to boycott allegations of inaction from the media platform against hate speech.

Ignite the Fire of Love

American public life is dominated by hatred and lack of social cohesion from all sides. The escalating unrest in Portland and other major cities, in addition to the severe political schism that has ignited America in recent years is a fire that will not be appeased until all stakeholders find a common ground where they can rise above their differences and build mutual trust and understanding.

It is precisely the turbulent atmosphere in America that offers a compelling opportunity for people to open their eyes to the urgent need for unity above all that divides them, because the alternative is hazardous for everyone. It is written, “Hate stirs strife, and love covers all crimes” (Proverbs, 10:12). In other words, time is of the essence for creating the conditions to get closer to each other without erasing our differences by building a canopy of brotherhood and respect above them to enable calm and peace.

The information technology giants could play a paramount role in facilitating closeness, empathy, and mutual support among people, although the current conditions created by these platforms serve the opposite purpose. They have fallen prey to political interests, slander mongering, and repulsive bullying and shaming. But nature itself is drawing a red line over anything that does not promote qualitative connection above separation and gaps.

The Technology of Connection

The current pandemic has shaped a new reality in which balanced human relations emerge as the only way for humanity to achieve stability and thrive. Therefore, the world has entered the era for a new vision of mutual giving in all its endeavors.

We need technological platforms that will illustrate for us in a user-friendly way how to become properly connected. A company’s business failure or success will hinge on its ability to fulfill and facilitate humanity’s need to reach the crucial goal of achieving unity.

The prodigious minds behind the tech companies can and should apply their skills to developing software dedicated for connection, including simulators of desirable human relationships and how to achieve them. The idea is to visualize a perfect coexistence and interdependence in which individuals function like cogwheels learning the steps for realizing this vision of ideal integration among people. In order to attain this goal, the player will follow a gradual process over multiple levels of advancement until each one feels comfortably connected.

Businesses that develop software and means for advancing humanity are the future since the old paradigm of reckless competition has become irrelevant in an increasingly interdependent reality. Thus, what the world needs most right now is a more cohesive existence. Our common vision and work in that direction are what will guarantee prosperity and peace for all.

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