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The Needed Change in Human Relations

We are standing before a great change in the world, and by “world” I mean human relations. Nothing matters more than the connections between people, and they need to change. We cannot change stones or trees or animals or the great masses moving in space. Human relations should be our sole focus of change, through which we will affect great changes in the surrounding nature. We can and need to change human relations, and I hope it will happen sooner, with awareness and understanding, rather than later, after much suffering.

How does the needed change in human relations work?

Nature requires of us to become an integral, interconnected and interdependent humanity, and to do so with growing understanding and awareness that comes through self-criticism. We should reach a point where we each wish to ascribe ourselves to others, functioning like in a family or in a single system that benefits all of its parts. It is an integral state where, on one hand, we each perform different actions, but they accord to the needs of the collective system we find ourselves in.

This collective human system exists in a beautiful, positive and integral connection with nature’s other levels: still, vegetative and animate. These parts add to each other so that the world reaches a harmonious and peaceful state, where everyone operates according to the program or software of love—a magnificent integration of humanity.

We need to reach the understanding that we lack nothing other than to fix human connections. It should take place on all levels: individually, among the family and with relatives, in our localities, in our nations, the world over, and also in our attitudes toward the still, vegetative and animate levels of nature.

We humans are the center of creation, and we need to change our attitude from bad to good, i.e., from egoistic to altruistic—toward everyone and everything outside of us.

Based on the video “The Needed Change in Human Relations” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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