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A Squalid War that Heralds a New Era

It has been more than four months since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Initially, the world was aghast with the atrocities many had thought would never return to Europe. But as the days and weeks went by, emotions grew numb, the horror subsided, and the Russia-Ukraine war became another item on the agenda of news media. However, that squalid war on the fringes of Europe is like no other war before it. It foretells a new era, when aggressors cannot capitalize on their duress.

I can understand why the world sides with Ukraine. When there is an obvious aggressor, the world sides with the victim. Nevertheless, for myself, I have no personal stake or involvement in this conflict.

From the sidelines, I can look at things more objectively and see that things were not always as they are now. During World War II, for example, the Russians were far better than the Ukrainians. The Soviet Union fought on the side of the Allies and defeated the world’s most evil force in history, Nazi Germany. Ukrainians, on the other hand, willingly partook in the extermination of Jews in the death camps. So that was then, now is now, and the bottom line is that for all the pain inflicted on so many innocent people, history looks at the bigger picture.

Here comes the main point I want to get across: I do not believe that Russia will win this war, and my hope and belief is that this war will teach humanity that no nation should impose itself on another nation. The era of imperialism and colonialism is over and humanity is in a new phase. This squalid war, so I believe, is a herald of a new era, when people understand that no nation can encroach on another and hope to win. The era of oppression is over.

The transformation will not come easily. A mindset that has been entrenched in human consciousness for so many centuries will not die without a fight. However, Russia cannot defeat Ukraine when Ukraine is backed by the US and Western Europe. It will not give up so easily, but in the end, it will have to abandon its plans.

This war is a testimony to the limits of military might. Moreover, the more aggressions continue in Ukraine, the more bitter will be Russia’s defeat. If it persists, it will end the war a drained and weakened country. Following it, it will have to focus on rebuilding itself and abandon its grand schemes concerning other parts of Europe.

For humanity, however, this war will be a good lesson: As strong and rich as you may be, you cannot win if you attempt to conquer other countries. In today’s world, the aggressor awakens powerful forces that rise against him, and an entire world that criticizes and sanctions him.

For Russia, too, this war will be a reason for reflection. The Russian people will have to ask themselves many hard questions about themselves, their mentality of brutality and intimidation, and where they are going with it in today’s world. In the end, they will realize that today, he who starts a war, loses.

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