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Free Iran

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The World Cup games have barely started but already, we have seen one of the most memorable pictures: Iran’s soccer team staying rebelliously silent while their national anthem is playing before the beginning of their match against England. There have

The Climate Is a Matter of Attitude

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The two weeks of climate discussions at the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, ended in disappointment. As CNN wrote, “The world has failed to reach an agreement to phase out fossil fuels … an attempt to address the biggest source

Cultured Meat – a Sensible Step for Civilization

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A newspaper article that was sent to me last week declared, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared its first ever lab-grown meat product as safe for human consumption… The product is a ‘slaughter-free’ chicken, grown from cultured

The Meaning of Being Jewish

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I received an email from a man who converted to Judaism in a Reform synagogue in Arizona, U.S. To his dismay, he discovered that his conversion was not recognized by Conservative and Orthodox denominations. As a result, he started looking

No One Wants War, but Are We Always Fighting

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A few days ago, Norma Livne, the host of the show El Mundo (“The World”), dedicated one of the shows to answering questions from my students. One of the questions was about the war in Europe. More precisely, the question

The Left Has Left

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If you look at the leaders who founded the State of Israel, you will find that most of them were socialists, Zionists who strove to implement the socialist ideology of the Left in the fledgling Jewish state. David Ben-Gurion, Chaim

Who’s a Beauty Queen?

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For the first time since 1950, there will be no Miss Israel beauty pageant in Israel, and Israel will not send a contestant to the Miss Universe contest that will take place in the United States in January. According to

The UN May Declare, But Only We Determine

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On November 11, the United Nations’ Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) approved six draft resolutions, one of which will “request an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” According to

Israel – A World Leader in the Wrong Expertise

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become essential components in the battlefield. In Ukraine, both sides use them extensively to attack and for surveillance, and the US, Turkey, Israel, and other countries have been using them for military assignments. Terror groups,

The Meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet and the Prisoner from Siberia Who Suddenly Knew Hebrew

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Many years ago, not long after I had begun to study the wisdom of Kabbalah with my teacher, RABASH (Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag), I received a letter from a man who was imprisoned in a penitentiary facility in Siberia. Back

Women Gathering in Unity

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Today, at 5:30 p.m. Israel time, thousands of women from around the world will gather for a unity event. Women of all faiths, traditions, cultures, ages, and ethnicities will strive to bring their hearts closer together above all the differences

Bad Jews – A History of American Jewish Infighting

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Emily Tamkin, a Jewish writer from the UK who writes about American Jewry, has recently published a book titled Bad Jews: A History of American Jewish Politics and Identities. The book’s publisher, Hurst, describes it as “A lively, thoughtful history