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What Needs to Happen or Change for Humanity to Advance?

Human nature is a desire to enjoy for self-benefit. It is our starting point, and we are placed in a process of development that leads to a state where we will end up inverting our nature in the direction of benefiting others and nature.

Nature in general is the opposite of human nature. It functions according to laws of altruism, interconnection and interdependence. Accordingly, nature develops its still, vegetative and animate parts in a way where they do not use other parts of nature adversely.

In all of nature, only us people have desires to exploit and destroy nature in order to give ourselves feelings of power and respect. We were given this additional egoistic desire in order to upgrade ourselves through our connection to each other, i.e., to learn how to apply favorable and beneficial relations in place of the inclination that wishes to exploit each other and nature for the sake of inflating our egos.

With this inversion of our intention—from self-benefit alone to benefiting others and nature—we discover a whole new world with a new nature, one that is eternal and perfect.

We then live free of pressures and pains. Our feeling of a short, transient and generally miserable life becomes replaced with a feeling of a continuous existence that is free from suffering.

Suffering stems from our egoistic desire to exploit others and nature for self-gain. Therefore, by replacing our egoistic inclination with an altruistic nature of wishing to benefit others and nature, we discover ourselves living in a heavenly plane of existence.

Heaven is a state where a common force of love emerges between people, which forms a connection of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Nature will lead us to this heavenly state sooner or later, and we will have no choice but to invert our attitudes to each other—from egoistic to altruistic—and by doing so, live in a harmonious and balanced connection.

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Based on the video “The Big Change Humanity Needs to Undergo” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
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