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Losing Trust in Scientists

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, trust in scientists and medical scientists has dropped. The survey found that only 29% of U.S. adults have a great deal of confidence in both scientists and medical scientists to act

Why We Cannot Work in Synchrony

The war in Ukraine, the inability of the world to sanction Russia effectively, the uneven distribution of medications, the uneven distribution of wealth, staples, education, wherever you look, there are growing gaps and growing instability in human society. Now let

What could humans learn from fungi?

Israeli researchers discovered how a fungal network manages the exchange of nutrients between trees. Fungi connected to tree roots communicate the transfer of minerals, nutrients, water and carbon, while the trees funnel their carbon to the fungi in return. The researchers also

Is infinite energy possible?

Infinite energy exists in the attitude of nature toward us, an attitude of unconditional love and bestowal. As nature is a force of love, bestowal and connection, when we use this force to benefit others, we discover infinite sources of

Our Future Is Today

The time we spend with ourselves is usually the occasion for deep introspection. What we think about when we are alone was the question a new study sought to explore. A recent comprehensive study on this topic found that when

Is war natural?

Until we reach the complete correction of the world, a state when we will experience balance and harmony with the laws of nature, then war is the most natural of states. Nature consists of two opposite forces—giving and receiving, plus

Do Scientists Determine the Results in Advance?

A recently published essay has concluded something very interesting: The methodology that scientists use determines the outcome of the experiment. After examining more than 400 experiments on the connection between brain activity and consciousness, the researchers “found that supporting a

Man’s Insatiable Hunger for Power

Since the dawn of time, man has craved power. Since the dawn of time, power struggles have disrupted people’s peaceful lives. Today, too, the hunger for power is wreaking havoc and destroying countless lives. Power turns people into bullies. We

What are some life lessons learnt from the Harry Potter series?

I watched about half of the Harry Potter movie, and the main takeaway I got is that it shows how we have a desire to escape from our reality, or at least to broaden its boundaries. And we can. However,

Nature Has a Lot of Love, but No Altruism

Researchers in Australia, who intended to conduct a study on Australian Magpies, attached tiny trackers, weighing only 2.7g, to five birds in a flock of magpies in order to track their movements and habits. Surprisingly, within hours, the trackers were

Why is it very difficult to control your mind?

Indeed, we often try to take hold of our thoughts, to change or replace them with other thoughts, and the more we try, the more we realize our inability to do so. In order to control our thoughts, we need

How will we ever understand the true nature of reality?

Our five senses disclose to us only a very limited part of the reality surrounding us. We call this part “our world” or “this world.” There are several other objects and actions in our surrounding reality that we do not