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Is World Unity Possible?

The more we develop, the more problems and crises we encounter, and their purpose is to lead us to the realization that the only way out of a total collapse is through unity.

World unity is not only possible, it is a nature-set condition to which we all evolve.

While we currently experience the path to unity without awareness of this goal nature has set for us, and we thus feel more and more negative situations enter our lives, if we start learning about how nature develops to greater and greater states of unity, and scrutinize how we can align ourselves with such development in a balanced and harmonious manner, then we can switch our path to world unity: instead of a path of suffering, we would head on a path of increasing delight and awareness. We would thus be wise to search for how we can embark on a positive developmental path to unity.

If we make such a shift, our eyes would open to a new method of correction of human nature—one that changes our egoistic natures to their altruistic opposites, and our negative connections to each other would become positive and balanced with nature.

We would then become rewarded not only with total safety, comfort, happiness and confidence in this world and on this planet, but we would discover a whole new level of existence—one that is eternal and perfect.

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