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How Do You Connect With Different People?

It is hard for us to accept different people because we have no integral perspective on the world. If we had one, then we would see how we all complement each other, and that we each have our own special roles.

We can perhaps understand this concept clearer with professions, for instance, that one person is an engineer, another is a teacher, another a cleaner, and another a doctor, and so on. Together we provide each other with services that we all need, and we are mutually dependent on each person performing their duty responsibly.

If we learn how to connect above our differences and use them to complement each other, then the greater our differences are, the stronger our connection will be.

When we can finally connect above our differences, then it is as if we piece together a complex jigsaw puzzle, and such a connection surfaces a special force of connection that dwells in nature.

What is the basis for this connection between different people?

We can connect in such a way on the basis of viewing the need for every person in this global puzzle that we have to piece correctly together. When we understand that every person is a unique piece of the puzzle, then we can support and encourage each other to find each one’s place.

In such a process, it is important to understand that we change nobody but ourselves. We cannot force people to change. Instead, we need to find our optimal relationship to one another. This is because we each have our inborn nature-made characteristics, as well as those that develop under social influences. When we eventually develop in a social environment that guides our development to connect above our differences, then we find how vital and essential our characteristics are.

Then, when we connect, it is actually our differences that create a collective, integral and complete jigsaw puzzle. Moreover, by connecting correctly, we can then truly appreciate the richness and versatility we have when we feel how vastly different we are from each other, and upon our differences we together make one integral whole.

Based on a talk with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman in a radio interview on Israel’s 103FM on August 2, 2015. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash.
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