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Queen Elizabeth II – a Model Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II was an exemplary monarch. She lived through very significant and complicated times in history and kept England stable and on course. I think Britain should be proud of her representative. If we are looking for a model of a good monarch, Queen Elizabeth II definitely fits the description.

Britain will now have to create a new image of a monarch after so many years of being accustomed to seeing Queen Elizabeth in this position. It will not be easy, but the country has no choice, a monarch is crucial to Britain’s stability.

Speaking more generally, nations need a king. In Israel, too, there was a king for many centuries; it maintains order in society.

However, the duty of the king of Israel was more than to rule. He was to be a model of a good relation toward everyone. The role of the Israeli king is to teach people to love others as themselves, and the king should be a model of such love.

As for England, I wish for it to keep itself together, all the members of the commonwealth, and to increase the bond between them. This will be the main task of King Charles III.

Historically, the UK and Israel have always had a good connection, albeit with some disputes. I hope that with King Charles, we will be able to maintain the good connection going forward.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (4th-R) waves to the crowd as members of the royal family (L-R) Prince Charles; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Prince Harry; The Duke of York; The Duke of Edinburgh; The Earl of Wessex; and The Countess of Wessex look on at Buckingham Palace as part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of VE Day in London, July 10, 2005. Thousands of British war veterans gathered in central London on Sunday to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two, a ceremony made all the more poignant by last week’s deadly bombings in the capital. REUTERS/Paul Hackett RD/SA

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