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Best Wishes to the Friends at the Retreat

This weekend, more than a hundred friends are gathering together for the 2022 Kabbalah Retreat in the Catskill Mountains in New York, and more than two hundred friends will join them online. I would like to express my wishes for the success of the retreat. These are great friends who are gathering there, I have seen what beautiful conferences they put together, and I wish for them to continue to succeed in their efforts. But most of all, I would like to wish them a strong and close connection, as close as possible to the final correction.

The wisdom of Kabbalah introduces us to forces that no other method does. Through these forces, we can unite between us and elevate ourselves above all the forces of nature. If we acquire these forces, which are forces of connection and love, we will succeed in anything we want. I truly wish for them to acquire these forces and use them correctly.

These days, we are witnessing a great imbalance in nature. Using the forces of nature in the way that Kabbalah teaches, balances these forces and mitigates their ferocity. Kabbalah teaches how to balance the negative forces overpowering the world today with positive forces that we engender between us. It is my hope that we will achieve this and complement the negative qualities that are inherent in us, with positive forces that we create between us, and the whole world will benefit.

Good luck to the friends at the retreat, I will rejoice in your connection, and I wish you success.

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