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From Physical to Virtual to Spiritual Connections

The world has been in a virtual, or semi-virtual state for about a year already, and connections between people have become largely virtual. Now, “thanks” to new strains of Covid, borders are closing and airports are shutting down once again. It seems as though physical ties are taking less and less “space,” and humanity is driven to a new form of communication.

We should not take this lightly. This is not some ephemeral episode, but a profound and permanent phase in human development that we are just beginning. It is an opportunity that nature has given us to rise to a higher, more internal level of connection.

The physical connections we still see are very tense and negative, and often even aggressive. Think of all the protests we have seen over the past nine months: the looting of stores, burning of property, riots and demonstrations everywhere, and finally the storming of the Capitol building. And it’s not just in America: In Israel, too, riots and protests have been growing increasingly violent and aggressive, as they’ve been in Europe, and recently even in Russia.

Conversely, communication through the internet is very passive, neutral, and almost devoid of anger. It is clearly not the ideal way to communicate, but in the absence of ability to communicate positively on the physical level, the virtual option is the next best thing.

However, virtual connection is not the end goal; it is an intermediary phase to a more internal connection. Once we have cleared out the physical aggression, we can begin to connect on the level of emotions. And not just with kin or with friends, but with everyone! To build a working society today, you must create at least some level of affinity with all the members of society. Otherwise, it will fall apart, as we have seen throughout the world this past year.

We might think that we can overcome the coronavirus, find some vaccine that will eliminate the bug, but even the pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccines don’t promise absolute success; they know it’s much trickier than that. We can already see that the virus has partially outsmarted existing vaccines that have just come out, and it is constantly mutating, adapting itself to our attempts to kill it. The bottom line is, “We stand no chance against it.”

However, we can circumvent the problem and tackle the virus where it can’t harm us. If we stay virtual but start connecting internally, with our feelings rather than with our bodies, we will both defeat the virus and heal the social ills of our time in one go. When we achieve this, we will also see that this is where the virus was directing us from day one.

Until the appearance of Covid-19, our minds were fixed on one form of connection. That is, we communicated virtually, as well, but physical contact was always regarded as more substantive and meaningful. At best, the virtual connection was a preparatory connection for the physical one.

In the absence of the physical option, the virtual connection became all the connection we had, and that is far from enough. This deficiency is directing us, against our will, to search for a more meaningful connection, to sort of reconstruct the depth of the physical connection but without the physical aspect of it. This will force us to seek ways to connect in our emotions, and this is the whole idea.

If we work on this new connection long enough and hard enough, we will achieve it. When we do, we will discover that this is not a new form of connection, but that all of reality has been connected on this level all along, and the sense of “Eureka!” is only from our perspective. We will find that we have been blind to the deepest, richest dimension of reality, to the root from which everything stems—the connection among all the parts.

When we connect in this new way, we will discover that just as our physical connections have been driven by the desire to benefit ourselves through our connections with others, our emotional connections are driven by the desire to benefit others through our connections with them. These desires to benefit others create such powerful mutual connections that the network they form is in fact shatterproof.

Once we tap into it, we will never want to return to our old, superficial, and corrupt connections of exploitation and misery. We will discover that the world around us is harmonious, balanced, and provides for everyone abundantly. We will find that all we need in order to learn anything at all is to tap into this world-wide-web of invisible strings that sustains us, and all the information will be readily available.

This is the reason we are being pushed from the physical level to the virtual level, so as to finally arrive at the spiritual level of life and of all of reality.

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