Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

New Life – Program 75 – Money in the Family

Dr. Laitman explains how to leverage the economic crisis to strengthen the connection inside the family, and how to exit the family connection to the connection of humanity and be its savior.

New Life Program 76 – Healing Through Family Systems

What is a balanced family? Dr. Laitman explains the way to heal relations in the family. How workshops, games and activities produce bonding and mutual responsibility in the family.

New Life – Program 21 – Man and the Environment

What tools can help us maintain good relations with our general environment and how powerful is the human warmth we express toward one another?

New Life – Program 23 – The Foundation of A Relationship

A new view of marriage: how important is trust, how to choose a spouse, and the power of a woman in her man’s development.

New Life – Program 24 – Building A Relationship

Why is it so hard for men to commit and why is it important for a woman to have only one intimate relationship?

New Life – Program 25 – Relationships

Our good life is dependent on our relationships. How can we connect correctly with our partner, neighbors and colleagues when our ego is so against it?

New Life – Program 27 – Compromise in Relationships

The family unit has gone through radical changes. Are these changes what pull it apart and is compromise the solution?

New Life – Program 28 – Infidelity: Keeping the Family Intact

How can we help someone who has been cheated on and does understanding the different types of infidelity help keep the family intact?

New Life – Program 29 – Interpersonal Communications

Have we reached a point of lack of communication in all aspects of life, and is a new educational environment the only way out?

New Life – Program 30 – Listening As A Basis for Good Communication

What will force a person to rise above their natural tendencies to be a good player in the game of life?

New Life – Program 31 – Love Covers All Transgressions

What changes does a person have to go through to transition to a happy married life? Why is the right marriage the key to the success of all other systems in life?

New Life – Program 32 – Conflict Resolution

What is the method for rising above negative situations in a relationship and how can we provide our partner with a good example?