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Why do teenagers get depressed so frequently?

Teenagers are at an age where they start looking for meaning in life. They feel that they’re beginning their lives and consider what directions it should take. In today’s conditions, this line of thinking brings them to the realization that

Can wearing masks stop the spread of the coronavirus?

“At least 14 states have seen an increase in coronavirus hospitalizations since Memorial Day weekend. Arizona is now seeing more than 1,000 new daily cases and the state’s former health director is sounding the alarm,” reported CBS This Morning (June 12, 2020).

We Can Fight COVID-19 with Our Thoughts

The life we see outside the window is a reflection of our connection with each other. Violent demonstrations in American cities and a new wave of coronavirus around the world are first and foremost social problems. We could solve them

Masks and Freedom

America, like the rest of the world, faces an ongoing war against an invisible enemy, COVID-19. Prevention of its spread, though, is highly visible in the use of face masks. This prophylactic measure has split the public between those who

Fight the Right War

We like to think that we are masters of our own lives, but are we really? If we had our way, would we have asked for the coronavirus to derail our lives from their carefully planned routes? Would we have

Surfing the Pandemic Waves

Public discourse now speaks of a second wave of COVID-19 when the first one is far from over. Just when we thought the epidemic was under control, the opening of the economy has brought new contagion outbreaks around the world.

What will happen if the coronavirus comes back in a second wave?

If we thought that the pandemic was under control, the time has come to think again. The second wave of the coronavirus is already being widely discussed, even though the first wave never really stopped. The economy’s reopening has helped

Why does the coronavirus not affect animals or birds?

We humans are the main victims of the coronavirus due to our negative connections to each other. Animals have no hatred in their connections. For instance, even a lion hunting to kill an antelope does so out of an instinctive

COVID Engendered Humanity 2.0

Ask any baby boomer where they were when they first heard that JFK was shot, and they will tell you. They will never forget that tragic moment in American history. In many ways, so was September 11, 2001, when the

COVID-19 and the Anxiety Epidemic

Of all the scares that COVID-19 has wrought, probably the most fearful one of all is uncertainty about the future. During the lockdown, the country experienced a staggering rise in anxiety. On May 4, William Wan of The Washington Post

There’s No Getting Around Change

When it became clear that COVID-19 is spreading the world over, country by country shut down its borders and locked its people in their homes, promising that it would all be over in two months (remember that they still wanted

What Declining Birth Rates Mean to Humanity

Is it right to bring more children to this world now? This is a question that seems more relevant than ever in these days when economic, social, and environmental uncertainty are making women think twice about motherhood. The number of