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A New Administration and the Prospects of Peace for Israel – TIMES OF ISRAEL

Currently, it looks as though Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. If Biden comes into office, it will be bad news for Israel. The normalization with Arab and Muslim countries that Trump worked so hard to achieve will dissolve, and the new administration will re-embolden Iran. Peace, and certainly normalization, will fly out the window.

A Biden administration will actually be run by Barack Hussein Obama and company, and Biden will be a puppet that does what it should. Just as now countries make peace with Israel because they want to please President Trump, they will shun that peace when they want to please “President” Obama, and Israel won’t be able to do anything about it. Obama, with his Muslim background, harbors profound hatred for Israel; he can’t wait to be rid of it.

Israel will also not be able to get help from Russia, since Russians will always prefer their relations with the Arab world, leaving Israel isolated, surrounded by enemies, and under fire from every direction.

Europe is even worse. Europe has already attempted to annihilate the Jewish people, in the previous century, and Europeans have not changed since. When the time comes, we should not expect anything good from that direction.

However, as I once connected Israel’s good future to President Trump, since I thought that Israel would succeed in being more serious about its duty to the nations, now I hang everything on Obama and Biden since their pressure on Israel might direct us toward correction.

We need to understand that Israel’s only justification for existence is its performance of the task for which it was created—to set an example of unity. Instead of unity, it is displaying division and internal hatred that has led to a staggering frequency of elections. The coming general election will be Israel’s fourth in just two years, and according to the Israel Democracy Institute, since 1996, Israel has held general elections every 2.3 years on average, the highest rate in the OECD.

Now, toward the next election, we can see the already splintered political system in Israel disintegrating into even more parties, with everyone’s proclaimed goal being to oust the incumbent prime minister, and no one is actually proposing some truly alternative platform. If we continue to behave in this way toward each other, the nations will decide that there is no benefit in the existence of a Jewish state and will resolve to erase it from existence.

The phenomenon of airlines removing Israel from their maps of the Middle-East, as reported by The Telegraph, or CNN’s omission of Israel from its map of the Middle-East, or the German military counter-intelligence making that exact “mistake” is no coincidence; they are expressing their views through their actions. If Israel doesn’t pay attention and act accordingly, meaning become a model of unity rather than a model of division, countries will move to make their feelings an official policy, and Israel will face a world that is united in its desire to eliminate it

Our only way to overcome the looming external pressures is through unity. And not because unity makes us strong, but mainly because unity is what the world wants to see from us.

The world needs unity. No one can unite with anyone, and soon countries will slide into all out wars. The natural desire for dominance that governs every human being is going out of control, and unless we learn to rein it in, it will overtake the world.

The only nation that can do that is the Israeli nation, as I have written in The Jewish Choice and Like a Bundle of Reeds, two books that if you haven’t read, you should. If Israelis don’t go first and rise above their egos in order to connect, no one will know how to do it. If Israel does it and thereby becomes an example to the rest of the world, everyone will know how to do it and will be able to do it. This is why when the people of Israel unite, they needn’t worry about defeating their enemies; they will simply have none.

It makes no difference whether or not these words make sense to our ego driven minds. It’s simply that if we don’t go for unity soon, we’ll have to choose between uniting against our will or perishing.

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