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The US Election: An Outsider’s Perspective

America is long overdue for change. We must choose which candidate will take it through the shift successfully and safely I have been a researcher my entire life. In my younger days I was fascinated with the human body’s complicated

A Bird’s Eye View on the US Election

America is a nation of fearless pioneers that has become stagnant and reactionary. Now it must become bold again. Whoever occupies the White House over the next four years will have a full plate. As an ontologist and kabbalist (the

Trump vs. Clinton—Two Worlds That Never Meet

Underneath the smear campaigns lies Trump’s battle to save the real economy vs. Clinton’s efforts to save Wall Street. The current US election is fundamentally different from any previous campaign. Underneath the unprecedented smear campaigns lies a chasm between worldviews

Beyond Trump and Clinton

This divisive election campaign is the outcome of our own egoism. If we want something else, we must change ourselves. Realizing and wanting are the keys to generating change. Good morning America. It’s Thursday, the second post election day. It’s

We’ve Probably Been Spared, For Now…

Here’s why Trump’s victory is actually the best news we could have hoped for No survey anticipated this, but Trump is the new President-elect. In my view, which I have elaborated on several times, including here in Haaretz, Trump’s victory

What Jews Must Learn from Trump’s Victory

Reality caught everyone by surprise. The shock and dismay over the election of Donald Trump for president must teach us quite a few things. Reality caught everyone by surprise. Media coverage was misleading and the polls turned out to be

The Return of Sane Capitalism?

The current financial system is a bogus invention crafted in order to produce enormous wealth for the ruling few. The new system will benefit all Americans regardless of political affiliation.  When the financial bubble popped in 2008, many people felt

Trump’s America Can Be Good for Jews

But only if they choose to reexamine their attitudes towards their own Jewish identity. The election of Donald Trump for president has exacerbated the split in American society, but even more so, the inner contradictions of its Jewish citizens.  Of

The Return of Sane Capitalism?

When the financial bubble popped in 2008, many people felt the pain. Many still do. The longer you inflate a bubble, the more it hurts when it pops. Donald Trump’s stunning victory has popped a bubble that has been inflating

The end of liberalism as we know it

I have no preference for either the Democratic or Republican Party, but I do know the laws of human nature. The refusal to accept the election results that was accompanied by violent protests, claims of election fraud and hateful labeling

The Demise of Totalitarian Liberalism

The end of hate-filled, totalitarian “liberalism” began with Netanyahu, spread to the US, and will continue to Europe During the March 2015 election campaign in Israel, the polls predicted a dead heat between the right leaning Likud and the left

Trump, Brexit, Terrorism, and the Hidden Link that Ties Them

The events and processes stirring our planet are linked so deeply that their root causes converge into a single reason. Since 2008, the world has been hit with one crisis after another. If you look at each of them separately,