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Comment: How Trump Can Save American Democracy

Trump and Brexit are testimony to the fact that we are living in a world of unexpected change; whether it takes us to the far right or to a whole new way of being, is up to us. Donald Trump’s

Trump, Brexit, Terrorism, And The Hidden Link That Ties Them

The events and processes stirring our planet are linked so deeply that their root causes converge into a single reason. Since 2008, the world has been hit with one crisis after another. If you look at each of them separately,

The Truth About Fake News

  Just as healing the body requires diagnosing the illness, curing society requires social “recognition of evil.” Since November 9, when the Democratic Party woke up to a new reality, where they are not at the helm, there has been

Good Luck Donald, Because We All Need to Trump the Ego

  We can make Donald Trump’s inauguration the start of a new future, now all it takes is our determination. Today, Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States. But I am still not sure if we should

Michael Laitman: What The Resistance To Trump’s Inauguration Reveals About Us

Tensions around the inauguration are of unseen precedence. This is a telling moment for us all. In the days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, we have been witnessing displays of extreme resistance by many trying to somehow find a way to

Trump’s First Task—Conquering the Great Divide

  To make peace (shalom) means to make whole (shalem), when opposites unite and create something that is neither, yet consists of both. Smashed windows and “Impeach!” “Putin’s B–ch!” “Not My President!” signs were frequent vistas at the Women’s March

Michael Laitman: The Real Wall Trump Needs To Break Down

The wall we should focus on is not the wall with Mexico; it’s the one that keeps America divided. Take a look at the last few months: So much energy and so many resources put into heated clashes between people

Behind the Guise of Liberalism

Only when America reinstates embracing of all views, not just all colors and religions, can it cautiously open its gates to immigrants. Prior to the election that introduced Donald J. Trump to the Oval Office, the press was concerned with

Why Jewish Political Activism Leads to Anti-Semitism

For centuries, we have been told that our unity will save both us and humanity. We won’t listen and the world hates us for it. In the aftermath of the US elections, the voices of many prominent Jews are heard

Michael Laitman: A Sober Look At Trump’s Immigration Ban And Its Protest

Pumped by mainstream media, protesting has certainly become the fashionable thing to do: carrying signs calling for love and coming together against all evil Trump. But will this really change things for the better? Isn’t this a little too shallow

The World vs. Donald J. Trump

For its own sake, American society must rise above the differences and form a bridge of unity. Right now, I am very, very worried. The week has barely begun and already “Thousands protest against the President in London, Australia,” and

Donald Trump vs ‘Liberalism,’ Round 1

The liberal era is over. The new era will see the rising of two forces in America, which will have to choose whether to clash or rise above their differences and engender a cohesive society. A famous Chinese curse says,